Arkansas Thread

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  1. teh arkansas thead will nevar die! :nice:
  2. +1 :banana:
  3. hey guys im back again! good to see the AR thread is still goin. I bought my plane ticket and will be picking my car up in chicago on the 22nd with 7450 miles on her :nice: but from what ive been hearing, my first mods will probably be a forged rotating assembly so i can hit ovr 400 measly HP. im excited about meeting up with a bunch of mustang people when i get it. not alot of people have srt's around here so im by myself. keep the thread alive! free bump
  4. You'll definately have to come down sometime and show it to us :D i'd like to see it in action!
  5. Yep, I got to work this weekend:(

    I'm jealous that you all are meeting up:)

    I've got to get off once soon...atleast once...

    Brain - I get my traction from them drag radials I have. I went from spinning up to 70mph to no spin at all off the line (unless I want to of course) when I added the drag radials. You need to get some and you will see:)

    Carolyn - You surprise many with your "girlie" skills, that's for sure:nice: So when you going to the track again to see wha that exhaust did for ya?
  6. hey David, did u get my pm i sent?.. the 2nd one i sent, that is
  7. Jason - It's replied...yeah I got them, you have a reply now. Just been busy...

    We also someday need to go to the track together and then cruise afterwards.
  8. k.. i just replied.. i cant believe they're runnin that with those few mods! i'm baffled :(

  9. david- aww....i'm sad now- it's not going to be the same without you there!!! *cough- call in sick- cough* :D i don't know when i'll go to the dragstrip again- still have to get my car tuned to fix that problem with it dying when i take it out of gear sometimes.

    yeah, i think i will make some flyers and put them on the "nice" mustangs.... (as in- ones that i know have power or ones that i see that the owner likes to modify) :D maybe we can get a club going for central ark. and just alternate on what towns we meet in each time??

    ok now i know what gas station you guys are talking about. as close to 7pm as possible huh? ok.

    jason- don't be chicken about putting a note on the windshield- think about all the people who always put crap on people's cars all the time. yeah, ok,....i was really paranoid when i put that note on the mach 1 the other day :D it will be ok.
  10. yeah buddy i got 4 used tires to use this weekend and buddy im going to use them.....hehe....damn david I was hopeing you would be there but you gotta do what you gotta the way guys if you need any factory parts, interior parts w/e i work at a ford dealership so holla at me and i will see what i can do....cant wait to see the turn out fri. im stoked about it...
  11. trying to put in my mod list even though im not sure of what all i

  12. yeah, :D can you see how much money it would be for me to order another rim key for my mach? i painted my brake calipers the other day, and i cannot find it anywhere!! sucks for me if i have a flat tire somewhere....
  13. hey, who drives that orange 96 or whatever in r-ville??
  14. Carolyn, I have talked with him a couple times but can't remember his name:shrug: I believe he ran 12.3's???

    Brian, nice that your getting some tires. It helps. I don't have any lower control arms. Mine are stock. I really want some maximum motorsport control arms. They are pretty much top of the line at a decent price.

    I wish I could go and do the call in sick thing...:( Trust me, it's tempting;)
  15. I'd like to take a look at it and see:nice:

    Why do you have "colder than stock" by your explorer heads? Do you mean the spark plug has a colder spark?
  16. carlyon--- you will have to bring it in to get it there about 15 bucks i think....and the guy with the orange mustang is tj russell he is a friend of mine and jasons
    David the heads i think run colder im not for sure on that....
  17. Hey I definetly think we should get together and go to track sometime unless someone is scared :shrug: lol I will be there friday after my football game.....Yes the Ola & Danville game (Go Ola) :banana: .......I will be there around 10:30 or 11 but when i get there i wil hang out for a bit then go to Waffle House with some freinds......I will definetly be at the mustang cruise on sunday so hopefully those who can go i will c-ya there.........
  18. John - I'm becoming sadder:( Yeah I'm thinking this next coming saturday we all hit the track and then go to r-ville that night:shrug: as well???

    Brian - Brian - I guess I've never heard a head running colder. I have heard aluminum vs. iron in detonation debates but that is it. Learn something new everyday:)
  19. damn.. waffle house sounds good as hell right now
  20. I'm thinking of going to the cruise on Sunday now (just might leave a bit early).:)

    Still keeping the thread alive...