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  1. Dang this thread is getting long almost 5 pages .........I am Proud to say i started it...........I might be able to go to the track next sat. Cause David you know "I aint Scared" LOL
  2. It is 5 pages..............
  3. hell yah man!! we aint goin nowhere :banana:

    Next saturday is the last date for the track to be open, I heard. But there was a suggestion thrown my way about renting the track out for a day.. i'd be like $5-10 a person, which is cheap for unlimited runs alllll day without a line! :D
  4. That sounds kool man see if ya can get some more info on that.....
  5. fo sho....think ill be there sun...not for sure but,
    maybe....i dont know if the heads it self runs cold
    or what...
    Anyways hey john i aint scared....!!
    gotta go sorry so short late...
  6. LOL...Ya i think we have raced before And we will prolly race again ......But i think david is scared of Me in Silver Streak of Lighting..........LOL.......J/k
  7. renting the track for a day would be kick ass :nice:
  8. oh yeah jason, got the tracking # today. the LM2's arent going to be delivered until monday, which means they will be in little rock on friday. i know my old roommate went to the hub out by the airport and got his package bc he didnt want to wait over the weekend for it, so i'll talk to him and see what he had to do. waiting for parts is definitely teh lose.
  9. this thread is getting me in trouble- i have to rush home and see what all i missed during the day while i was at work (when i should be getting in bed), like today i missed class this morning from staying up on the computer and

    renting the track would be awesome!

    david- send me a text sunday morning if you end up going on the cruise. as for calling in sick, well, too bad. what time do you get off work that night? just wondering cuz john will be meeting up with us later that night also. does matt know about the meet?

    brian- thanks for the info about my rim key. do you know how long will it take to get one in? i appreciate it. what time does the parts dept. at cogswell close on friday? i might try to get up there early if i can to get that done. i don't know though.

    what is the difference between loudmouth I and loudmouth II?? just curious.

    click the link, scroll about halfway down and you'll see the difference. the lm1 is just a hollow resonator. the lm2's have a ceramic wrapped core for a more reserved, yet still quite loud sound.

    i dont have class tomorrow, so i decided to stay up late and catch up on some tv. if the rain holds off tomorrow night i may wax the car so it looks half decent for friday. i think i may have recruited another stang for friday. some guy over on from Bryant, said he's be there. we'll see. cant wait. :nice:

    carolyn-i think i may have seen you monday morning. i was waiting to pull out of the big parking lot on donaghey and saw a green 96-98 v6 mustang drive by. :shrug:
  11. ok- cool thanks for the link about the loudmouths.
    haha...catch up on some tv- that's funny. i wish i had the time (well, through the week, anyways...i do have time on the weekends...). wow, that guy from bryant will be driving a long way. yeah, i made some flyers to put on mustangs tomorrow. i should make you put them on the cars since you don't have class...haha. i have to study for a class make-up exam that i have to take during x-period AND put out those flyers. oh well. i just don't want to wait till friday to do it, b/c it will probably be way too short notice for a lot. might still be short notice. oh well.

    as for you maybe seeing me....i don't remember if i was over there that day or not. if you know what my car looks like, you won't ever be able to miss it again. the only thing that looks v6 about it is the little pony symbols on the front fenders. it has black bullit rims, cowl hood, foglights, dual exhaust, you still think you saw me?? :nice:
  12. well, since i have off today, i guess it couldnt hurt to swing by campus and stick some flyers on the cars. i dont know though, i was planning on detailing the stang, and i usually make that last all day :D i have a big test tomorrow i have to study for too. if it wasnt for that test i wouldnt even be going to class at all tomorrow. that guy from Bryant sounded pretty fired up about it, so we'll see if he shows or not. i told him id let him know the specifics again just to be sure, so let me get them straight: flying J's @ 7, off of the first Russellville exit?

    and no, i guess i didn't see you after all. sounds like your V6 looks meaner than my GT, haha (frown).
  13. helty- thats right first exit to the right at 7:00pm
    carolyn- no prob umm youll have to come in before 6:00pm and go to the parts dept. it usually takes about a week to a week and a half. So thats about the best i can do.... just come in and talk to john watson.
    if anyone else needs something holla.
  14. ok, i MAY have recruited another guy. he's from little rock and he's in the air force. i told him that i just seperated in august and we're organizing a meet in russellville and that if he dicided to come i'd meet him in conway and cruise up there together. we'll see. i'll let you guys know what he says
  15. cool the more mustangs we have the better
    remind me tomorrow when we meet to show you a
    design im working on for a sticker for the cars.
    i dont like stickers on my car but i think this one
    will turn out good and isnt all big an stuff
    but yeah i got someone today with a 96 mustang gt
    to show up tomorrow so if yall see anyone with a
    mustang ask them if there sho
  16. wow.. i've missed a LOT of this thread :D let me see if i can catch up on it real quick...

    Helty - That sucks man, but who knows.. maybe there's a way you can pick them up easier and get them ready for Friday.. I'm going to call the owners of the track here in just a little bit and see if maybe they'll give me a deal on it for more people since i'm really good friends with them.. They always let me in for free anyways :D

    That's awesome about how many more people you guys have invited! I hope they show up, that'd be a pretty damn good turnout. I invited a guy from R-ville to go to it, he's got a '94-95 5.0.. There's a couple '05 GT's up at Tech, where i go to school, along with a really nice '66 Fastback that some guy drives.. I'll see if I can get ahold of them or put flyers on their cars! It'd be nice to see the newest and oldest style there :D

    The Flying J's is off of Exit 84.. just for future references.

    I prob won't be going to the cruise sunday, not enough gas $$ :(
  17. man i am so pissed about ups thing. my package left harrisburg pa at 11pm on tuesday night, and didnt get to hodgkins illinois until 8 this morning (33hrs, i can drive from here to pa in 17), and it still hasnt left. i know my package isnt the only one UPS is shipping, but damn they're taking their time with this one. if it gets into little rock by tomorrow afternoon, i'll go down there, break in and grab it.

    anyway, the guy from Bryant seems pretty cool. i was reading some posts by the other guy from little rock, and i dont know. he seems like one of "those guys". for example, he constantly bashes arkansas (teh lose) and claims he consitantly beats LS1's with his GT that has an h-pipe, flows, slp tips (<--mad horsepower yo), cai, and a tri-ax. no gears, nawz or forced induction at all. he also starts a lot of crap over at maybe i got over-zealous. we'll see. anyway, im getting anxious. gotta study for a bio test for a while and then im gonna start cleaning the stang up.
  18. If he seems too much of a party-wrecker just tell him it got cancelled or something.. I dunno tho..

    That sucks about the UPS people, they're usually slow when it comes to stuff you RREEAALLLYY want to hurry up.. how ironic haha
  19. im hoping he doesnt even respond to my pm. if he does i'll tell him it got cancelled. he claims to be a pilot, and he sounds like one. cocky, arrogant and thinks his **** dont stink. i mean i like giving everyone a chance, but i dont want to be the guy who invites the guy that ruins the meet for everyone.

    and yeah, im sure if my package was a set of altezzas they would have airlifted it right to my front door. its just gonna suck all weekend knowing they're 40 miles away and i have to wait.
  20. I agree with ya on the first thing, I can't stand cocky people who talk all kinds of **** about their cars and how FASSTTTT they are when they really haven't got ****.. Just like Jimmy, aint that right Carolyn? haha

    As for the LMII's, at least you'll have something to look forward to next week.. That way you can show them off to us next time we all meet up! Surprise us in case some of us forget