Arlington, Texas

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  1. Kinda late. South Fort Worth here.
  2. You like that right?

  3. hell yea i do, i guess that means thats her, lol, i'm tryin to get my girl to do that too. hope she will cause i wanna send that in to a mustang mag and try to get botm.
  4. when are we all gonna meet up?
  5. I'm planning on going to this event this weekend....Let me know if you guys want to meet up...
  6. If im in town ill try to head over there
  7. I-20 and Bryant Irvin in Fort Worth here...
  8. i would love to go but i have to work
  9. Its from 7PM-12AM.. Where the heck you work?
  10. i work at express in the parks mall
  11. hey whats up? i know im a little late but i dont post much here. but i live in irving
  12. Ft.Worth here. Up for a meet anytime...

  13. How bout Kennedale next Fri?
  14. Wylie texas here and id love to see some other pony cars up close. :D
  15. Hey, just got the car today but Im a huge car girl and always love to get together and talk about horsepower.
  16. welcome jenn, we all should meet up sometime, let me know. lets go to hooters off bryan irvin or off of little road and green oaks. let me know guys and girls.
  17. Hey guys, I'm in Carrolton. I'd really like to meet up and hang with some fellow stang owners.
  18. I'm in the DFW area (all over - Denton, Lewisville, Alrington) all the time, usualy on the weekends.
  19. Yeah ditto - Also sometimes in Austin/San marcos area.
  20. this sunday in irving off north belt line road at hooters there is a car show. i'll be there if i dont' work. hope to see some of yall there.