Armor All Tire shine Gel.

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  1. If you havent tried it you need to. It works great. It makes a film over the tire when it dries. Ive heard some people say it lasts VERY long too.

    I like to call this one "The definition of Bling BLAM"

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  2. Any "grease sling" on the side of the car after you start down the road?
  3. were you the one asking bout tires the other day for ya new rims? if ya were, i see ya went with the summitomos... how big did ya go? 315's

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  4. None at al. Once it dries its like elmers school glue. Except all shiny
  5. 255/40 up front and 315/35 in the back. They grip alot better than the Khumos I had
  6. MUSTANGS look good with some meat in the wheel wells... you can usually get about a year of driving out of them. even more if ya dont have a heavy right foot like i do. cheap to.....its like a sore d#*k, hard to beat... lol:lol:
  7. :eek:

  8. Ok it dosent keep its shine for a long time but its stil there protecting the wheel, its odd. Its not shiny, but I can still see it.
  9. How many days did it last? What climate? Any rain?
  10. I live in Central Michigan where it rains frequently and is both hot and humid this time of year. I have been using this product for about a month with mixed feelings.

    It does seem to last longer than other products but i end up picking up a lot of dust and dirt on the tires that sticks to the shine. I have left it overnight to dry so i do not think it is a drying issue.

    It does not seem to splatter on the wells as it is very gluelike and not watery so it seems to stay put.

    In a nutshell it lasts longer than anything else i have used and they shine like the dickens for the first few days. i guess my only complaint is that it is messy to put on and be careful to only use a little bit when you do put it on, that is all you need. They claim it lasts a couple of weeks through several washes but i guess they mean touchless as i hand wash every sunday and i always need to reapply it. I would agree with the post that it protects the tires though, while dirt may sometimes stick to it, it washes right off a alot faster than dirt sometimes comes off of dry rubber.
  11. Great post. :)

    What about debris sticking to it? Any issues with gravel, bug, sand, etc?
  12. Yes ou can just hose off any dirt that gets on the wheel, but I have had no problem with it attracting dust. I even started using it on my side mirrors instrad of back to black. Back to black workeed great but had a little grease splatter and attracted dust.
  13. ive used armor all foam spray and im pretty happy with it.. ive got a question tho is the gel the one u apply with a little pad?
  14. How is this messy to apply?
    I have never used it but it can't be as messy as spray on stuff. I mean it doesn't get all over the wheel.
  15. Yea is comes with a little pad to apply it. Its not messy at all once you get the hang of it. Sometimes if you put too much on the pad it will drip off but you can wipe up a few drips no prob.
  16. I get pretty bad grease sling with the armor all.
  17. Ill prolly try that when Im done with the Armor all gel.
  18. ive never gotten any grease sling.. are u talking about the foam or the brush on type?

  19. Try it out, it's been out for over 8 years and I've used it ever since.


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