Armrest On Center Console Of A Convertible '90 Gt???

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  1. I have a friend looking at buying a convertible '90 GT. There is no armrest on the center console. The guy says that it didn't come with one. Is this right? I looked at a bunch of different pics of '90 GT's, and some don't have them. I've never noticed any fox bodies without them. What is going on here?
  2. They're prone to breaking and cost a lot to replace. PO probably just deleted it.
  3. I had a 90 that came with the delete panel. Theyare pretty common to install, although I prefer the armrest and the sunglass storage of mine!
  4. Did it come from the factory with the delete panel?
  5. as far as I know yes, I bought it off the original owner and there were zero mods
  6. Good luck finding one that isn't broken. Often guys find it cheaper to buy the arm rest delete than replace the broken one. Best bet is scour CL, classifieds on Mustang boards, Ebay, or a JY. You can paint them with some SEM trim paint to match your interior color.
  7. Ford deleted it in 1990, but halfway through the year it returned when customers complained.

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  8. I have one for sale, pm sent
  9. This is correct, as above. 1990 first half of the year they did not come with it,my coupe does not have one.Takes some getting used to.
  10. The armrest delete panels are easily available new in the aftermarket; I have seen them in many catalogs. I had figured they were made by someone who hit their funny bone or wanted to delete some weight nicely. I did not know it was a stock type piece. You learn something new...