arrrgghhhhh my S/C plans are crumbling

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  1. The KB is the way to go for the street.If you need to take a loan out for the SC and couldn't get the $6500 loan.What are you going to do if you blow the motor?Even with a safe tune there is always a chance something bad could happen.
  2. i love threads like these... because everyone who chimes in becomes a seasoned expert in financial advice
  3. I am far from a finance expert.I put part of my KB on my discover card at 0%:D .Then payed it off with funds from the sale of my previous house.

  4. I did the same, maxed my discover card then sold a car i got dirt cheap to pay it off...:nice:
    I just dont think its appropriate to judge someones financial abilities in a thread aimed at the supercharger issue.
  5. i am definately gonna get a loan for the s/c, it's the same thing as putting it on a credit card but with less interest, plus the loan will help build up my credit with the bank. so PLEASE no more talking about how it is a bad decision, that being said the novi kit would be cheaper by $2000 with almost the same HP results, right? just takes longer to build boost. i wont have to swap to different gears and the novi will be capable of higher boost later down the road. it is starting to sound pretty good to me. spend less $$$ on the s/c and have more for mds later. if i blow my bottom end i guess i will have to save up for a while and get a built one. my car isnt a DD so its not taht big of and issue. plus how many engines have failed thet are running a MPH tune and 9 psi, i prob wont even hit 400 hp with this setup. i really dont think it will be much danger to the engine.
  6. :lol: :lol: :D :D sounds just like her
  7. i jusy got tims mongoose kit with the vortech V2SQ about 6 weeks ago and with my 4:10 gears my car is sideways and all over the place. its a blast!!!:D
  8. what kinda numbers are you putting down with that kit??
  9. i dont have a scanner so i cant post the #'s but they were 401RWHP & 387RWTQ. its on modular powerhouse website. the vortech with the 4:10's give me plenty of down low fun! and tims tune is dead on!:nice:
  10. damn, those are some good numbers!! what other mods do you have???
  11. i just talked to a friend at a performance shop that has an account with KB. he said that he can get me the kit, install it and get it dynoed for $5000. how much of a discount can you get thru a shop?? it would cost me 5k just to get the kit and shipping. i know he isnt gonna install it for free so i guess he just has a hook up!!! how accurate are the tunes from KB?? i want to make sure it is a SAFE tune.
  12. i've got all the usual boltons including LT headers & prochamber with magnaflow catback. BTW i bought the kit used on the modular powerhouse website. tim dynotuned it for free. everything included cost me about $3650.
  13. If you REALLY want the KB then save for it. But I don't think you'll be disappointed with the Novi. Hell, any power adder is better than nothing IMO.
  14. KB or bust!!!!! :D
  15. i think you guys are crazy thinking the 1.7 kb is so much better then the novi 2000. i getting the novi by choice. the only blower i would buy over it is the kb 2.2 and that is way too much. i could buy the built motor and the novi for that price.

    the novi 2000 is no joke man. at the regular boost levels it will put out as much hp as the 1.7 kb granted the kb will make more tq. but i dont think it will be so much of a difference that it should cost 2000 bucks extra. :shrug:
    i would think a novi could keep up with the 1.7 at the normal 9 psi.

    on top of that you can up the boost to limits way past the 1.7. i will probably never do that though but who knows.

    when i throw mine on top of what i have now and a built engine im jackin the boost to 14 psi and hopin to make 470-500 rwhp. well see.
  16. Ever considered going turbo? Easy 400rwhp with conservative tune on pump gas and TONS of room for improvement if you want down the road... just a thought.. :shrug:
  17. Well id give adrenln kudo's for the 2.2 comment. It is a far supperior buy then the 1.7. But why NOVI?? I can get a S/C from Procharger (p1sc satge II) for under 4800 or the d1sc for 5200. but if you wanna tap the oil pan go ahead. But it's your choice overall
  18. turbo would be great if it wasnt 8,000.
  19. Save yourself 2000 dollars and get the Novi 2k, with that 2000 dollars you could forge your internals and have a bad ass blower and piece of mind.
    As i stated earlier i'm not a fan of taking loans to buy mods but you are young and it will help you build your credit for when you really need it later in life. So get the Novi2K if you can't wait, you'll be able to pay that off much quicker.
  20. finally someone who realizes taht this will actually help my standing with the bank!!!! all i'm waiting on now is for my buddy who says he can get me an IC KB kit for somewhere around $4000 for everything. if that doesnt happen i'll be caling MPH this payday!!!