ART? Who wants their car illustrated? *pics*

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by gnat, May 24, 2007.

  1. has them
  2. check the forums for a used set
  3. You do nice work, can you do my new ride for me.

  4. When you get a chance I would love to get ont he list. I will definitely donate as well. I'm an artist too, more on the visual effects side now, but I know how rough it can be sometime doing what you love. I've got time so no worries on rushing.

    Heres some pics. Just shoot me over a PM when you got the time and we can discuss some design concepts. Thanks man.

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  5. this pic is awesome, but next time, turn your wheels the other way so that they are facing the camera and it will look hawt :drool:
  6. Yeah I didn't think about that, but thanks man. I'll have to remember that for next time.
  7. :nice:

    your car is bangin' :nice:

    just to stir the pot and cause trouble: 00GT hood > 01+GT hood
  8. How do you turn just the fog lights on, without having your headlights on?
  9. Thanks guys.

    00GT hood is tight, but depends on the front bumper.

    I wish that was my house. It's actually a winery and nobody actually lives in it. I know it's a shame.

    The headlights are actually on. Well the side markers anyways. You can barely tell. I have smoked headlights now.
  10. just pull the headlight knob out one click

  11. care to clue me in on that one champ?

    sry guys Ive been extremely busy, in fact I'm at a confernece as I type this. Things aren't looking great but I haven't forgotten about anyone.

    Thanks for those who stand up and say give me a break.
  12. jesus those are some nice pics!!!!!!!! and gnat, don't listen to the haters. i'm sure your life and job are more important than drawing our cars for us so take your time!

  13. Mustangkid05 lied about winning 10k or 20k on a scratcher ticket, then got busted..:rlaugh:
  14. cool just making sure it wasn;t about me
  15. it takes a while to draw as many drawings as this all of the same thing. you have to have a break after every few you do...i mean it has got to get boreing at some point.:shrug: take your time.
  16. Nice pics & stang...I used to be a delivery driver in the Bay Area, & everytime I would drive up 680, past those hills in Pleasanton, I would dream about living up there one day. Its beautiful out there.
  17. gnat i bet ur probably good at drawing naked chicks?
  18. gnat should outsource his work to India :rlaugh:
  19. I'll jump on the waiting list. :nice: