ART? Who wants their car illustrated? *pics*

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  1. Thanks man. the first and last pic was actually taken up on Mt. Diablo, the second one at some winery in Napa, and the last one is in Pleasanton. I appreciate the comments.

    And gnat, no worries, making money to provide for yourself and family definitely comes first.
  2. Ive always wanted to drive up to MT diablo. What is the best way to get up there. I am familiar with Clayton road in Concord which takes you around the mountain, but Im not sure if this is the route.
  3. Well theres two entrances. I've been to both. I think the easiest way for you would be to go down 680 south, then get off at Diablo Rd. and head east. I believe Diablo rd. takes you right to one of the gates, if not, you should see signs. You can go up to about 1500 ft. before you get to the park entrance where you have to pay like 3 or 4 bucks. I suggest taking a trip up there. Great drive, great view. On a really clear day you can see the Golden Gate Bridge.
  4. Thanks...How are the roads? Are they smooth? I will have to make this trip soon with some of my Stanger buddies....
  5. The road are pretty smooth for the most part. I don't really remember there being potholes or super uneven payment all over the place. The road is full of twisties all the way up which makes it fun. Just watch out for the blind turns and bikers.
  6. Lets keep the general chit, chat between PM's if we want this thread to remain open gentlemen. ;)

  7. nah it's really ok, Idon't have mucch time so if it's on the front page it's much easier for me to find. It also lets me be here on and off even when I'm not ablel to be working on art. I am deaply sorry for those who are still wating. I've started on bakos and about to go on vacation. Hopefully I'll get some time to draw on the beach. :)

  8. YOu have absolutely NO idea. It's also really hard for me to go back and make changes to a car I've finished. It's sort of like you spend 3-6hrs on a car and when you have to go change something it feels like you're starting all over again. Especially when you have people waiting who you haven't gotten to yet. It makes me feel like I'm short changing them to spend too much time with one that in my mind would or could be complete. That make sense?

    lol I guess I actually care, somebody slap me.
  9. OK....but this is 4.6 talk right?
  10. SN rules get worse and worse everyday :notnice:
  11. Yeah this is the talk section and obviously nobody else minds the chit chat. Like gnat says, it keeps this thread towards the top.

    anyways, have fun on the beach gnat
  12. +1
  14. +2....i have gotten very sick of it.

    kinda sucks :notnice:
  15. gnat, you should just do the cars how you want to do them...its your art.:shrug:
  16. FYI....just because it's in the "Talk" section doesn't automatically mean you get to derail the thread with whatever you want. It makes it next to impossible for someone who actually wants to learn something from the thread based on its original purpose, when they’ve got to wade through a sea of crap posts to get to it. If someone chooses to bump the thread legitimately then that's fine, but if it turns into just another BS thread full of useless banter about where you want to live, or what you had for dinner the other night, then there's really no point in keeping it open. :shrug:

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  17. bejesus, people need to stop quoting pictures with the image tag in place.
  18. these pictures look amazing!
  19. :rlaugh: i wonder if he ever expected people to get in a fight over this
  20. hey dude, i'd love a picture of my saleen, could I get on that list.. the work is amazing !!!

    This is the only pic I have to hand right now but I can post some more up later on..

    thanks :nice: