ART? Who wants their car illustrated? *pics*

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  1. No replies via PM's either. I wonder if he gave up lolol
  2. Don't say that. I was the next one. :(
  3. i am gonna be very sad if he gave up......i really REALLY wanted my car drawn
  4. I wouldn't want to put that much effort into drawing peoples cars all the time either. The guy probably wants to lead a normal life too which probably isn't very possible when you have 20+ people wanting you to draw pictures of their cars that take 4+ hours to make.
  5. let the guy relax and go at his own pace. it could take months to finish all these cars

    or he could have gave up! lol!
  6. So No Gnat?

  7. I don't think he gave up. He said he was going to be busy..:shrug:
  8. anyone hear from Gnat?
  9. srt get a job
  10. :shrug: What makes you say that!? He just asked if anyone had heard from him..:shrug:
  11. I have a Job, You are just an idiot that makes stupid comments "Kid" :notnice:

    ...who works on Sunday
  12. How about you all quit whining and sit patiently and stop asking every 12 hours. He'll come back when he feels like it and he'll draw your car when he feels like it.
  13. just lay off. i'm sure he gets tired of drawing and people complaining about how long it takes. just relax, asking 2 times a day whats going on wont speed anything up!
  14. Isn't he the one that lied about the lotto ticket thing?
  15. If you guys keep badgering each other, I'll lock this thread. :notnice:
  16. What kind of rims are those on the red gt?
  17. I believe they are the 10th anniversary Cobra wheels.
  18. Yes, they are. I was deemed an unofficial 10th anniversary wheel spokesman a while back. I wanted them so bad, but they don't come in 18x10.5!
  19. Where can you get them? If they came in a 17X9 I would want them!