Article on SVT being disbanded

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  1. I was reading the article about SVT being disbanded/shut down effective April 1, 2006. If this is the case, does that mean 2007 will be the only year for the GT500? Will there be a 2008 as well? What about after that?
  2. SVT isn't being shut down perse. It's being integrated into Ford's core business. From what I heard, Ford is still going to produce the GT500 for 2 years (07 and 08).
  3. that's right .....

    the GT500 will be built on the same assembly line as the rest of the Mustang fleet.
  4. Does anybody know if the 2008 gt500 is still going to have the shelby name with it? I am seriously thinking of buying the 2007 but it will possibly cause a divorce. If the 2008 is going to be the same the mark up probably won't be as high
  5. That's funny. Same situation here. Might need a room mate soon to help pay bills :p
  6. With this being the last Mustang from the SVT group, will it be even more of a keeper?? Should increase its value.:hail2:
  7. I believe the last mustang built by SVT was the 03/04 If
    SVT being disbanded how they can build the GT 500?
  8. Word is there are plenty of parts with SVT stamped on them that have already been produced for the Shelby. Even on their website, it still says "by SVT".
  9. Say it ain't so.

    Does anyone else, besides me, find it to be incredibly bad timing for Ford to kill off a name that is synonymous with performance at a time when competitors (read: GM & Dodge) are ramping up their performance divisions and making an over powered everything? :nonono:

    Of course, let’s not even begin on the import market…

    I hope they know what they are doing and have something up their sleeve. I’ve wanted a ‘new’ SVT since I can remember (I’m 24). Now, they’ve gone and taken that away. It’s a shame that the bean counters seem to be once again in control.

    Here’s to hoping they have some grand plan that will soon be unveiled to the rest of us. :flag:

  10. FORD is making many of the very same mistakes that GM made and that have kept them at the edge of bankruptcy. :nonono:
    Our Bill Ford isnt the sharpest knife in the drawer and that's for sure ...
  11. SVT doesn't build anything.

    The past SVT Cobras, including the 03/04 Cobra were built on the Dearborn assembly line along with all the other 03/04 Mustangs.

    The 07 GT500 will be built @ AAI on the same line that builds all the other Mustangs and Mazda 626s.
  12. You mean Mazda 6 :D