"As Craigslist Turns" Funny Emails

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  1. Okay, so I have a boat shell that I have no need for. After 75 people (NO lie, that many) claimed they want it, yet none of them had a way of picking it up I decided one more week and I cut it up, smash it apart, whatever to get rid of it. I find an Ad on the local Craigslist that reads...

    "free boats wanted will remove asap please call with details nick 203-982-6607"

    I'm posting the number because it's on a public ad, shouldnt be any harm right?

    So I decide to email the guy, and it turned out pretty good. Here are the back and forth emails, enjoy:

    ME: "I have a free 25' Wellcraft. It does not have a trailer, but I need it gone. If this is something you charge for I'm not interested and will just cut it up myself.


    HIM: "Yes i will take the boat i have a trailer and can pick it up asap .....you just have to pay a 599.oo fuel surcharge fee....let me know the adress and i can be there thurs morning"

    ME: "Sorry, I will nnot pay for this boat to be removed, I will cut it up myself, thanks anyways."

    HIM: "Really how are you going to cut it up with a chop saw... 5 hrs of your time and deadly fiberglass dust ...you better not be within 2500 ft of any structure or its a 5500 fine plus you have to remove the debris are you that stupid " i will cut it up" keep the boat ...... Sucker"

    ME: "I'm not concerned with cutting it up, will only take a very short time, noone will be fined or injured. Thanks for your concern though.
    Good luck running your "business" with responses like that, I'm sure you will do very well!"

    HIM: "You will never cut that junker up telk you what i get it asap in the morning for half price 125.oo"

    ME: "Thanks again for the offer but the boat will either be taken for free or cut up by myself. Good luck with the Craigslist ad."

    HIM: "Ok toy tight wad i can do it for $35.00 "

    ME: "Thanks once again for the offer, but I will let someone else have the boat. It's not an issue of money anymore. Good luck with future boat removal opportunities."

    HIM: "Ok ok you got me i will take it for geeze tightass"

    ME: "All set with the boat, thanks anyways. Good luck finding other free boats to haul."

    HIM: "What do you mean all set you said a couple of hours ago i could have it for free ... If you dont give it to me i will sue you for breach of verbal contract i have the emails to proove it"

    ME: "Haha, good luck with suing for verbal contract, the boat has been sold to a higher bidder... aw shucks."

    HIM: "See you in court you said free"

    So this is where it ended yesterday, or so I thought... Late last night I get this...

    HIM: "Where is The boar located"

    ME: "I'm sorry, you must have the wrong email address... I'm not selling any boar's at this time. Good luck in your search."

    So now I play the waiting game to see when he responds... I will call it quits (which I thought I had before) at some point, but it cant hurt having a "little" fun. :D
  2. WOW............... :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Guy post a post in craigs list he takes free boats, then wants to charge u 599 bucks to haul it.. WTF..

    Some people are just hysterical.
  3. Right, granted in this day and age you need to worry about these people, thats why I just want to have a little fun and then call it quits.
  4. Crazy...WTF is with people now days?
  5. :rlaugh::rlaugh:

    That's great!

    $599 fuel charge! That's nuts. What's he driving out there to pick it up, a jet car?

    Just tell him you no longer have a boat for free, but you do have some manure he could help you unload.
  6. wow man...you got yourself quite a nutcase over there...

    imo people like this shouldnt be allowed to reproduce, vote, and probably drive. he's trying to make a living off of suckering people into ridiculous fee's. shouldnt he be at 9 to 5?
  7. Yeah he sounds like a character. Makes you wonder if this is his business, and if so, he is very very bad at it. I laugh, but I do some of my emailing to him at work. Nice getting paid to have a laugh!
  8. Is this guy for real? I just can't understand how some people can be so obnoxious and irrational. He has to be on drugs.

    Seriously worth a good laugh, though.
  9. That is funny. Craigslist gets all sorts of scammers and fools.

    I mess with the people that call ME and try and renew my "vehicle warranty" or "lower my mortgage" I do an excellent Arnold impressions so I get 'em going with that.

    WHO R U???
  10. Thats ridiculous, I'm sure his case would stick up in court. Considering you kept a professional manner and he went on calling you "tightwad", "sucker", and "tightass". And he went from wanting 599.00 to 125 then to 35 then to free. lol what an a-hole.
  11. :lol::lol::lol:

    I have some online soundboards that have clips from some famous actors haha

  12. unload it into his mouth.
  13. by the way, anyone notice how he said that half the price of 599 is 125? that was the FIRST thing that made me "lol"... guy's a complete marooonnnn...
  14. someone should call his number and tell him they have a free boat but he has to pay to take it
  15. Go ahead and call, it afterall is on a public website for all to view...

  16. That's funny she-i-it!!! Craigslist has it all, good deals, flaky people, and genuine people!!
  17. Ha that's why i hate CL. As soon as things get shady I just end the deal. All i need is some psycho doing something stupid.
  18. Just put the guys number on a casual encounter on cl lol
  19. Dang I got you good flooker!!!!