As rare as a Packard?

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  1. This is a little off topic but kind of interesting.
    I went to the Lowes Motor Speedway Swap meet - Car Show
    over the weekend with a friend who restored a 38 packard.
    We didn't get caught up looking at cars but were more interested in
    searching for various parts. 38 packard vs Mustang II. While we browsed
    we discussed how hard parts are to find for our respective vehicles. Mine being a 76 cobra ii. Although I did find a couple transmissions and rack-pinions, and
    one rusted out Mach I, the pickings were pretty small. Of course there were tons of ford stuff, but not necessarily mustang II specific. So, my friend was telling me I was crazy, and I wanted to prove how difficult it can be with this car. Just then we came upon the Coker Tire booth. I bet him 5$ that this large outfit probably didn't even carry my tire (195-70-13). Sure enough, the salesman could not find a match. Hang on to your II's. They will be the packards of the future....:)

    Overall, saw some great vehicles at some greater prices. Was amazed at the number of classic t-birds. I could of spit in any direction at any time and hit one.

  2. Seriously. I see more AC Cobras prowling the streets than I see IIs. It's nuts.
  3. Rare? Sort of . The difference is that the Packard was an excellent and powerful car for it's day and still has style. The Pinto II was an inferior car in every respect even for it's day and in it's day I used to blow them off on a regular basis with my stock Plymouth Valiant (oh yes the Cobras and the V6). 30 years from now, the Mustang II will command values which will allow an entry level collector to start a collection.
    10 years after that he will be able to sell it for what he paid for it.:rlaugh:
    Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the car (although we did make fun of them back in the day), it just will never be a sought after car like a Packard.
  4. Interesting opinion.

    When it comes to Mustangs and being a true enthusiast--if you love one, you love 'em all. People quickly forget the II's carried the nameplate in some pretty hard economic times. Many pony cars & muscle cars withered away, while the Mustang continued to pound on. Think about that when you take delivery of your S197.
  5. You have obviously been smoking way better stuff than I have. Way to buy into/propagate misinformation and propaganda, man. And thank you for admitting that you drove a stock Valiant. It shows me how little credence I should give your opinion....:Zip2:

  6. Getting our balls busted by a lamer who has a pre-made 'muscle car' on order.

    And he doesn't even possess his factory built sled yet.

    Go away little boy, and hope we forget about you.
  7. He's also obviously not seen the value listings on the King Cobras either, eh? Just what WAS the MSRP on them, anyway? And will his out of the box "muscle" car EVER be worth more $$ than he's paying for it???
  8. Well, bring on the real "muscle" Mustangs. Turns or straight, my II is ready anytime you are.
  9. People don't want to hear the II's carried the nameplate. Ford could have just brought it back. Why add the II to the mustang ?? I love all kinds of mustangs especially my II but if you were to NOT like a mustang , how bout the 71-72-73's ?? weighing in @ 4 tons, sure they could fit a 460 in the engine bay, but how could such a boat seriously be called a pony car?

  10. Uhhhh, no.

    I ljked 'my' '67, and my '71 had some interesting qualities, and obviously I'm fond of the II, but the first time I saw a '79 my first thought was WTF is that?

    The FoxStang lost me.
  11. People don't want to hear it? Why? It is a fact. The competition died and the Mustang remained in production through the fuel crisis. Again, I like them all; I'm not selective about things I am passionate about. :)
    Despite your distaste for the Fox, sales figures and its production tenure tell a contrary story with reference to its popularity. ;)
  12. same thing with the release of the II, the 74's almost matched the 65's in numbers sold (without a v-8).
    As for the fox stangs, they didn't do much for matching the first stangs lines but after ten years or so of production they grew on ya.
  13. It's so easy to get performance from a II, I don't see why people mind the 136hp factory 302 so much. It's not like you gotta change the whole car, or anything, just drop on some high compression heads, performance cam and 4bbl carb/intake, like you do on ANY factory 2bbl V8.
    Do they really think a 2bbl 289 in the old 'stangs shreds the strip, or that those cars handle like a dream in stock trim?

    Sure there were some serious performance options for those cars, and there wasnt on the IIs, due to the gas crisis, but the high performance 'Stangs arent the only 60's Mustangs being restored and kept. Most of them at shows are 6 cylinders convertibles or low-power stock V8s with skinny tires that are relatively slow and handle worse than a stock II. (Not that I mind those old cars at all, on the contrary, I think they're great, but to say IIs sucked and that they make a poor resto choice because of their low performance engines is idiotic)

    P.S. The foxstangs kinda looked square and boring at first, but as Roadster said, they grew on me. Especially the 1985 GT, awesome car.
  14. View attachment 477660

    Even most aliens from some distant planet could appreciate a car like this guy's. If you're from Earth, and you still don't like it, all I gotta say is, crack kills.
  15. I would take any Stang, anytime. :nice:
    Yes, even this one (referring to your comment on the square and boring styling):


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  16. :puke:

    That's the one.

    Mayhaps it's that I was looking to trade in my II on the new '79, hearing the hype that Ford was going to bring 'style' back tot he Mustang, buying into the hype, then seeing that thing.

    WTF is it? A Dodge?

    After 10 years of Mustangs having curves, even the BloatStang had curves, then looking at that angular bitch? Better have a real mill in it ....

    Then I found out about the rip roaring 255 ci 8.


    I tried liking it, but straight lines and a puke engine , I figured I would stick with what I had.

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  17. Thank the powers above for independent thoughts and opinions. We don't have to share.
    You don't even like the smoother Foxes (below)?

  18. 85sengstock2.jpg

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  19. I like the '85 because it has a clean, simple look to it. Well, and the 4bbl roller cammed 210hp 302 doesnt hurt, either. heh. I guess I like the foxes more for what they're capable of, than for their looks.
  20. Everyone has their tastes and all that....I guess I just believe that all you really need is a little imagination to do what you would like to do with your choice of car. Ugly Fox bodies, ugly 71-73's, ugly II's....does it really matter? You have your choice and so flippin' what that someone else does't agree.....I mean try what this guy did. Think he got ridiculed? Where is the performance in this car originally? And talk about ugly....but he pulled it off fairly well....although it isn't my choice, I have some respect for him. So as far as a Mustanger ripping on another Mustanger....he can basically shove off and voice his opinions to the Camaro guys who couldn't agree with him more!!!!