As We Wait For The 2015, What Are You Driving?

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  1. The long anticipated wait for the release of the 2015 may actually be the end of me, I am so inpatient!! In the meantime, what is everyone else driving? Do you have another mustang in the garage or will a 2015 be your first? Have you had mustangs in the past and are returning to the pony car?

    For me, I have had quite a few mustangs in the past and currently have my 1984 TTop car. This one will get a lot of garage time once the 2015 makes its way into my possession.
  2. I'm driving this pile.
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  3. I'm driving my 2007 Dodge Nitro. Can't wait to get another Mustang.
  4. Driving the #StealthFighter, but it looks like I'll probably sell it to buy the 2015. I plan to race the 2015 literally as soon as it shows up!
  5. That makes two of us, lol. I plan on having mine at the track with the window sticker!
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  6. Mah Cracka! :cool:
  7. 2014 Ford Fusion SE.
  8. Still have my 93 LX in the garage. Still trying to get it to run.

    I have my 2011 Taurus. I was looking to get a 2015 next year, but after seeing what i owe on my Taurus, it'll have to be 2016 for one. Ah well, give Ford time to work out all the bugs. And maybe some new colors. Or options :)
  9. Alright I bit the bullet and signed up. Currently looking at several cars to replace my 2011 GTI... I'd say the Mustang is the most different from the other options (next gen miata/next gen Z) yet, something about the new Mustang in Guard Metallic really just lures me in... Could very well order a new 5.0!
  10. This is some of my cars I was going to buy a 2015 mustang but now I think I will wait and see if Ford brings out a Mach 1 or GT350 in 2016. I only get cars that I want too keep for ever but I am thinking of selling the 1941 oldsmobile to free up garage space for the new Mustang.

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  11. 2007 BMW 335i as the daily driver with a supercharged 93GT in the garage. Not in the market for the 2015 though.
  12. I'm driving my first ever Mustang right now. Got her about 2 months ago. 2007 GT/CS Vert with the Shaker 1000 stereo (head unit swapped for a touch screen), Cervinis hood, Roush body kit, painted racing strip, Roush TVS 2300 Stage 2 single belt supercharger, BBK ceramic long headers, BBK shorty x pipes, Corsa exhaust, and Hurst short shifter.

    I couldn't have picked a better starter Mustang. I'm hooked for life.




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  13. ^^ Sharp looking car!
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  14. I'll chime in, although I'm in no position to nab a 2015. Maybe @Sharad will trade me the Stealth Fighter :lol:

    My current fleet, limo'ed out black Lincoln MKZ awd, 97 wrangler, and my dd 20 psi turbocharged Volvo
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  15. Ironically, the Stealth Fighter is currently getting over $10k worth of upgrades... after which it will immediately be put up for sale! :D
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  16. What the heck she getting now? Shooting for a 9 second pass?
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  17. Well, without letting the cat outta the bag too much... I was running 10lbs of boost before. I want to see what it'll do on 15lbs now. But that requires more than just a pulley swap. ;):D
  18. would love to be in the position to take her off your hands when your 15 arrives
  19. Can we paint it sweet and spicy yellow?
  20. Slather it up