Ashamed At What I Saw At The Mall Today

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  1. Was on my way home from the movies when I saw this celica with the bolts literally bolted through the bumper and two small spoilers glued to the hood.....What has america come to? lol

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  2. Looks like somebody gave that car a dirty Sanchez
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  3. Hey thats my next ride.....lmao :jester:
  4. I kinda like those Celicas too. I remember reading about a custom AWD turbo version when that body style first came out, it was pretty BA.
  5. I guess that's what the Batmobile would look like if it was Japanese.
  6. In 20 years or so we will look back and all will face palm
  7. Whenever I see something like that, initial thought is "what a moron", but second thought is "If that guy is trying to be funny, that is awesome!"
  8. A Celicaghini....very rare indeed. :hail:

  9. :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::lol: :pop: