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  1. Okay..i just found out today that my car had been bumped(a noticable scratch) on my front side bumper on the passanger side...i was told by the my neighbor himself that he had done was great that he was honest...cause i didnt even know this hads happen...anyways he says he will pay for the im asking anyone here how much should i ask him...The bumper has a noticeable scratch like i said. It will probably be more noticable after it stops raining...
  2. He also cracked the orange part of my front lights...where can i get that part of my head lamp....
  3. take it to a reputable body shop near you
    get a formal estimate written up of how much will it cost total
    parts, labour, paint.

    once you get that, just take it to your neighbor.
    he'll pay. he's an honest guy that he told you about it. but he still does not want you to notify insurance, so he'll just pay you under the table.
  4. I had to have my bumper repainted due to the same thing a few years ago. Cost around $275 to have it sanded down and repainted. As for the head lamp, try, they have them pretty reasonably priced.
  5. I went to the shop and it was estimated to be 515 i feel sorry for this guy..
  6. DAMN!!!!!! I didn't realize prices went up that much in the last few years.
  7. Don't risk buying an aftermarket lamp have your body shop order one direcly from Ford. It might be a little more but its worth it.
  8. Any cheaper i can make this guy's life a little bit easier..
  9. No cheaper way I can think of unless you're willing to try and touch it up yourself.
  10. go ask him if he has a shop that he usually goes to, that way he knows that you are trying to cool with him as well
  11. Risk it? lol A lot of people get aftermarket headlights. The smoked cobra headlights are cool.
  12. Blue oval parts in Virginia is great and reasonable got the electric mirror for passanger side ready to install for 39.99 new. looks nicer than the original to me no one else would notice the difference
  13. Good on you for trying to help him out a bit. :nice:

    Try to find the headlamp used from a wrecker somewhere. Or try The body shop will just charge you for a new headlamp assembly from Ford, which I'm sure is crazy expensive.

    Is the bumper plastic actually cracked/torn? You could sand the bumper down yourself, and take it to a shop and tell them you just want it PAINTED. Spraying a bumper should cost no more than a hundred or two MAX.

    If the bumper is actually cracked, try a wreckers or StangParts for a used one. Front bumpers are sometimes hard to find, though.

    Prepainted in any color for $225. Never used it but it seems good.
  15. the paint of the car is sratched off...still people who love their mustang wouldnt bug them to know that there is an unappealing look about their mustang
  16. I hit a cat with the corner of my bumper a few months ago... still haven't gotten around to fixin it.... i'm waiting til i get enough money to get the whole car painted black... everything, even under the carpet ;)
  17. I meant the bumper. Some aftermarket bumpers come in warped and are made like crap.