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  1. I am in the market to buy msyelf an ASP Underdrive pulley, and I was wondering does anybody have a preference of where to buy it from? I'm looking cheap, but I also want to be dealing with good people, who will actually answer a question if I have it. Not like y'all wouldn' Also, i've been told just get the size of the belt and go down to discount auto parts or wherever and get one...does anybody have this size? I searched but didn't find the belt size for the V6.

  2. you need a 96" or 96.5"(either one will work), 6 ribbed belt.

    the part number is something like 96k06 or something like that.

    the regular belt is like 10 bucks, but for like 15-17 you can get a gatorback belt, which is much better at gripping. Although with nearly stock HP you probably don't really need it, but good insurance.

    I noticed you have a 2002, so just confirm that size with someone since I have a 98, it may be different.
  3. Go to That should give you technical info, and I believe you can order direct from them.
  4. Or go to They can tell you what belt to get also, I have the Gatorback and bought it locally through AutoZone.
  5. Just put them on the car this weekend. I ordered directly from ASP, $100.95 with shipping. They also provide you with a slip of paper that gives you the Gates belt that fits. They also suggest using Loctite number 242. (liquid Gold). AutoZone was able to cross reference it to a Goodyear Gatorback. Checker could not cross reference it. You will need an impact wrench to change out the Alternator pully. I also used the wrench to break the crank pully bolts loose. I am going to check the milage this week. Good luck.
  6. He's going to get stuck with a significantly higher bill since he has to get the pulley/balancer combo. Also, he'll just get the crank pulley, so he'll get by w/o needing an impact gun.

    Look to spend ~$160-$170 for the pulley new. Try and find a GP going on and you could save a good chunk of change. I got mine through a group purchase and it only ran me ~$140 so it helps a good bit. You could also look for used ones on the for sale boards. Especially look for guys who are going s/c that originally had an u/d pulley installed.
  7. boards....good idea! i'm looking right now at rpmoutlet, they only have a 42% reduction...and i dont want to go that small....i found another place but they want $180, $10 shipping, then $5 for the bolt. do i need this bolt?
  8. yeah, b/c you can only get the balancer back on so far by hand, then you need to either use a longer bolt to get it threaded in place and move the balancer in position that way or just put a block of wood over the pulley and strike it with a mallet until you get it far enough on to get the stock bolt's threads to bite.
  9. The rpmoutlet pulley is an ASP pulley, if that makes any difference!
  10. I bought both pulleys for the $100.95 directly from ASP.
  11. Yeah, but for ChrisYellowV6, your price is inconsequencial since we have the different style.

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    Travis, I think you jumped the gun on locking that guys thread about the pulley. I merely informed him of an available part, I did not even list a price. The jist of my reply was about the price diff, not my own personal ad. I even gave him my email and told him to pm me to keep it off the forums. I've seen alot more blatant plugs about people having crap for sale. Nothing personal, but don't lock his thread b/c of me...

    end :OT: babble :)
  12. yeah but I talked to someone @ ASP and he said no matter what company I get the pulley from, it will be an ASP pulley. some other companies buy them from them and re-label it, usually charge more.

    and yes, since mine comes with the harmonic dampener :( its a lot more expensive
  13. So your telling me Steeda's Pulley is made by ASP?
  14. apparently....
  15. That's what I have always heard.
  16. I called steeda and they told me they don't have pulleys for the 3.8L, whats up with that?
  17. not 99+ yrs
  18. Yes, the do, and yes they are ASP pullies in a Steeda box.
  19. So did you buy it yet? I'm still on the fence.