ASP Underdrive

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by ChrisYellowV6, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. no i havnet gotten it yet im gonna wait a while until i get some more money saved...i just bought a male snake to breed with my female....their babies will be worth around $100 as hatchlings....i got a guy who owns a pet store who will give me $80 each as soon as they start feeding so i figured it would be harder to find a male with these genes to reproduce with her vs finding an underdrive pulley, lol. ill get one by the end of summer tho.
  2. 01-04 uses the same pulley. sometimes businesses dont update their websites.
  3. I have an '01 stang and I am trying to install the underdrives on my car. I cant get the 21mm crank bolt off I tryed using PBBlaster and WD-40. I was able to get a torque wrench to 120 ft-lbs but it still wont come off. I can't push any harder than that because I am using my other hand to hold the pulley so it doesnt turn. Are there any tricks to hold the crank from turning while I undo the bolt?

    Also, does it do any damage to the engine if I am turning the crank a little by hand?
  4. You did leave the belt on, right? Also, if its a 5 spd put it in 5th gear. Doing this and ising a long breaker bar I got mine off fairly easily.
  5. I got it to work. I had had the car in reverse and I put it in 5th which may have helped but I'm not sure if it did or why 5th would be best :shrug: . I finally got it when my brother came over with a better breaker bar and with one person holding the pulley while the other used the breaker bar it worked.

    I'm very happy with the pulley, it definately made a noticeable improvement in the car's performance. :D
  6. i really want one of those....