Aspirated '05 V6 Stangs?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by YelloMP5, May 5, 2005.

  1. Hey has anybody heard anything about aspirations for the 2005 V6 Stang? I would really like Procharger or Vortech to come out with something, because I dont want to have to get a local shop to do it and mess up the car!
  2. Like yourself, most of us who jumped into the V6 bandwagon had this in the back of our minds, while we bought the less expensive version of the 2005 Mustang..

    However, you must understand, that Ford may threaten sanctions on this type of product.. The GT Mustangs are in danger should this modification ever see the light of day.. As it stands right now, a GT Mustang, in all its glory, would find a V6 Mustang a worthy opponent while cruising around Laguna Seca.. Add a Supercharger to the mix, and you have the next big thing in Mustang History..

    Its like Fire and Paper.. The two do not mix well, but once lit, expect chaos and a tilt of the power balance between the two hidden enemies.. LOL!! Yes, the V6 Stang, and the GT are the most bitter enemies.. Even more than the Mustang VS. Camero.. A supercharger would exploit this rivalry to the side of the V6, making it the most valued Mustang of ALL time!!!

    Patience young Jedi!!! We who walk the path of the V6 Tiger, know our true abilities are to be cast at our bretheran as an illusion.. We must accept humility as a way of life.. We must allow our GT brothers to assume dominance.. This is our path.. We have chosen it.. One day, we shall band together and rise up against our mighty GT brothers!!.. But now is not the time.. We will use them to make the 2005 Mustang more famous to better position our assault on the throne of Elanor!!
  3. Alright, but I am just getting a V6 Stang for the cheaper insurance... :D
  4. Amen to that. My insurance company wanted $398 a month for the gt (perfect driving record since i was 16, 22 now) and $188 for the v6. no brainer in my opinion.

  5. Man, just on that savings alone, you can buy one new part every month.. In one year, your car will have alot of add-ons!! LOL!! Very nice.. I admire your maturity.. When I was 17, I got a new 1988 Saleen Mustang!! I bet all the college kids think your a spoiled brat huh!! LOL!! In college, when I had my Saleen, I was the center of attention.. Everyone needed a ride somewhere.. Women were easy to come by.. At the same time, I had a GSXR 750!! Dude, I always was in trouble with the women.. LOL!! Take my advice and avoid women at the precious age of 22.. Your future is bright.. They mean you no good at that age.. The Mustang will make sure that they continue to hunt you like a wild rabbit!!! LOL!! RUN!!! :D
  6. This is my 3rd mustang :)
    83 glx vert
    01 gt
    05 v6.
    Women are awesome, just as long as you arent monogomous lol
  7. I definately sense a tongue-in-cheek sentiment to your post, but I'm not sure how much. But just so everyone knows, there are several blower kits available for the '94-'04 V6 Mustangs and in all likelihood similar kits will be available soon for the '05s.

    You can read about the performance potential of V6 stangs here:

  8. I have no malicious intent at all in my post friend.. I will read your link information.. I will also hope your presumption comes to true..

    But for the record friend, what is it in my post, you would like people to believe is there, which you regard as tongue-in-cheek?
  9. Thats one of the reasons why i bought a v6. At 19, my insurance is about $320 and if i had a gt it wouldve been $480. I also agree with MSP, just my savings alone have allowed me to purchase alot of things for my car (sound system :D ). Regardless of it being a V6, I still have a nice car compared to the average college student so i am content with that.