SOLD Assorted 1968 Mustang Parts (new And Used)

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by Neil Ingram, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. I sold most of these items in the post below. What I have left is a brand new fiberglass Shelby style hood that I bought from Mustangs Unlimited and didn't use, and the original wheels with new tires on them. 300.00 plus shipping will take the hood and 200.00 plus shipping will take the tires and wheels. I have pictures of the wheels and tires and the hood is on page 185 of the Mustangs Unlimited catalog, part number SH13. Nothing wrong with it, put it on and took it off. It wasnt the look I wanted and ordered something else. I can take it out of the box and send pictures of it too. Email is [email protected]

    I just completed the major parts of my restoration on my 1968 coupe. Along the way I bought a lot of parts I ended up not liking and double ordered several more.

    I have the following available:
    Shelby style fiberglass hood (new in box)
    original hood and both fenders with emblems and one head light bucket (all are useable with minor work)
    original grill
    original wheels with nearly new tires (look to be less than 500 miles on them, seriously)
    new plastic door panels (didn't like them)
    large corral for grill (new)
    assorted bits and pieces.

    I live in SW PA and will accept any reasonable offer, I just want them to go away. They are taking up a lot of valuable space. I can and will take photos if you are serious about wanting them. If anyone is interested, post a reply to this post and we'll can discuss this further.
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  2. Do you still have the 1968 coupe parts?? I need an ok old stock fender, driver side!!! Email me [email protected]

    I pray you still have those parts!!! I am in NY

  3. I still have them all and sent you an email. Give me a call and we can talk about what you need and how we can get it to you. I will be going to northern PA near Waverly, NY next week.
  4. I did not get an email, I am about 45 min from Waverly, that would work out great!! My email is [email protected] or text 607 280 1269!! Thank you so much!!
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