assorted hose questions

3spd on floor

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Aug 13, 2002
Acworth, GA
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ok i've got a few quick questions about where to hook up some of these hoses. its a 66 with a holley 670 and a standard h20 pump.

1. Where should the vaccum advance on my disty pull its vaccum from? From somewhere on the carb, or below the carb on the intake?

2. Same question, but for PCV instead. This should get full manifold vaccum from below the carb, right?

3. Which waterpump outlet goes to the heater, and which bypasses to the little hole on the intake manifold, or does it matter?

thanks again guys
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1. I normally run the vac. advance to the base plate of the carb. You should have a couple of ports there.

2. Back of the carb there is a much larger port which I use for the PVC.

3. I just did the heater core replacment but since the car is at home and I cant look at it I will sit this one out.