Astra Hammond

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  1. On an old Datsun maybe.

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  2. Gun to my head, no no no
  3. No...
    and No...
  4. Nah, not me.
  5. wow 316 bucks.... the best way to get that answered would be to jump into a delorian, go back to 1988, and find the nearest camero owner, they would know.
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  6. Does that price include a roll of duck tape to secure it with?

  7. drove a hand me down '85 laser with them on, came home one night and they were gone :eek:
  8. Had them on my 85 Daytona Turbo Z back in the 80's....
  9. Depends on the car. Lol, I am going to go against the norm and say, under certain circumstances, I can dig 'em.
  10. Ugh...never have liked them. On anything!
  11. I'd think about rockin this

  12. /\this
  13. not just no, but HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:fuss::fuss::crap::crap::uzi::uzi::chair::chair::dead::dead::fight::fight::flame::flame::pirate::pirate::dmx::dmx:
  14. The Fox looks like a flying brick already. Those louvers are like exaggerating the curves of a mommy pouch.

    I don't dislike them as much as this guy though. :lol:
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  15. My volvo is a flying brick
  16. fixxorated
  17. Respect the brick beotch