at last my Dyno Numbers for trick flow heads

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  1. Well finally got my car to the tune and run some pulls. I have been getting a lot of questions about the numbers due to the new Trickflow heads and the curiosity that comes with them but have been away for a year or so. But recently back and hit the dyno this afternoon. Final result is 341rwhp and 307trq. Again all N/A and stock bottom end. Was shooting for a rare 350rwhp but I'm content... still not bad for a N/A 2v.... Hit the track tonight ...

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  2. Good to finally hear some n/a numbers. What's your compression.
  3. those numbers are sooo good they're too good to be true. I'm just going to say it, and I mean absolutely no offense to you whatsoever but more to the operator of the dyno :bs: and again seriously, I'm not trying to offend you so please don't think I'm attacking you.

    You either have the strongest mustang I've ever seen, and by a large margin... or something is fishy there. Those numbers are just not in line man.. I'm curious to see what others are going to say that have had exposure to alot of cars with mods like that. :shrug:
  4. No offense taken...almost flattering to be honest. I understand the skepticism. I went in with high hopes and was placing friendly bets with a friend while the guys at Lethal Performance were setting up and the tuner overheard our numbers...and made the "face" you know the one that says, "wow these guys are way off..." but afterwards he told me that was the strongest pulling N/A 2V they've had at the shop and commended the heads. Point blank they work :D. And everybit worth the money. Bragging rights?...sure. Curious on what others have to say? bet, but at the end and the numbers remain factual and I'm loving every bit of
  5. WHAT?!?!?

    those number are actually not great for a TFS headed car with stage 2 cams, My NPI! headed 4.6 made 330/306, 11 less rwhp and 1 less ftlb! with NPI heads!!!!

    ive seen a few local guy making over 375rwhp and running mid 11's with TFS heads
  6. Interesting I made 310rwtq just with stage II cams and supporting mods yet your car is only putting down 307. Also I made tq a lot lower in the power band. Your HP numbers seem good but tq seems off.

  7. Out here where I run in CA those numbers are unheard of. You just don't see numbers like that. A Longtube, cammed, head, supporting mod 4.6 is usually in the 300-310 range. To even suggest 375 is insane. I mean come on, no way on gods green earth. The guy must have swapped an ls in there or soething

    furthermore 340 is so far away from everything I've seen firsthand that it sounds absurd to me, although not to say it's not possible, though from my experience I would say it highly unlikely :shrug: and to what the op said about the numbers being the numbers....that's not true. Those things can be distorted in many ways, if that guy wanted to boost your numbers or reduce them he could easily accomplish that on a given run. But again, I'm
  8. hey sick2v, i beleive it. theres always someone in disbeleif about hp gains, but the tfs heads are almost getting ready to out win the FI route. you get H/Cs for less then $3k and makes as much if not more then a s/c at 9psi. with that said, does that mean you can produce more then 400hp going n/a and not worry about the bottom end grenading form the added boost pressure??? thats an interesting fact id like to know.
  9. a good buddy of mine made 400ish rwhp with a 302 stroker kit, TFS heads, edelbrock manifold, and spinning it out to 7800rpms. and it traps over 120!
  10. damn, I seriously need to get my tune done. My combo is almost exactly the same as your's except the TF intake. Maybe I'll invest in that next then a tune :D

  11. what???? what about the supporting mods? What power you think your going to make without them?

    heads assembled $1750
    Cams $600
    Head Gaskets $100
    Headers $500
    PP TB and Plenum $200
    Tuner $350
    H pipe $250
    Long tubes $500

    Not to mention Most anyone can put on a supercharger but what about these parts? 95% will pay for the Header install, Head install, and degree the cams. So add another $1000 for that, if not more with the degree

    TOTAL $6250

    and your comparing that to a base supercharger kit for 3g's that needs none of those supporting mods to make that power? How exactly do you consider that getting ready to outwin.

    Maybe I'm wrong here folks. But I've seen lots of stangs....And lots on the dyno. Not just my car or some buddies car. That number is considerably higher than I've ever seen in person. And to suggest that someone did 375rwhp with a bolt ons is funny. That's simply not going to happen. Your not going to take a patriot car like mine, fox lake, or whatever heads you may have and add 35-60 MORE hp just by swapping to them. Simply not going to happen.

    In cases like the OP who put down way more power than I've personally ever seen on a simlair modded car I can only say that the chances are higher we have something dyno / operator related to those numbers than the chance that this car is a complete freak defying anything else I've ever seen by such a large margin.

    Besides.....Post back up with a track time and then we'll know the real story, I'll be interested to hear if you'll track the car. Dyno's can vary greatly, track times don't lie :nice:
  12. Wow, its almost like you just refuse to believe......even with proof posted in front of your face. Good flowing heads/cams really wake up 2V 4.6 motors and so far, TrickFlow has designed the best set of heads on the market. There has been a LOT of talk about these TFS heads for a long time and for precisely this reason. For example, scupking made over 310rwhp with stock heads. Is it THAT hard to believe that a pair of good-flowing heads would add another 30rwhp or more?

    Aftermarket heads on an LSx engine can add as much as 50+rwhp to a lightly/moderately modded car, so why cant a pair of 4.6 heads do something similar?

    BTW, the prices you're listing for mods are ridiculous :rlaugh:
  13. hey hotstang, im talkin the the tf topend kit verses any s/c kit out there. the s/c kit would also need supporting mods also. KIT FOR KIT
  14. and how would track times prove or disprove his "dyno numbers", track set up, temp, driver mod, and experiance will play BIG role how the car runs. there again a 1400hp bottle fed big cheef motor that runs 4.80s in the 1/8 on a 83deg night will run almost 6/10ths of a sec slower on a 95deg day run. just a fact thought id throw it in.
  15. Untitled.jpg

    looks like the dyno graph was set to standard, Im sure if it was set to SAE it would be down 5-15rwhp depending on the weather... There are a few shops out there that like to blow up customers numbers by doing this and its wrong. They should have given you SAE numbers.
  16. hit the nail on the head. :nice:
  17. Again you guys I'm not trying to bash this guy or any of you. As I stated before, "IN MY EXPERIENCE" those numbers are high. And while I admitted that it may be possible it's far enough away from anything that I've laid my eyes on that it's in the ..... I'd have to see it to believe it category.

    If you see something enough times and then something comes along that is not close to that range it raises questions. 330rwhp is the upper upper range I've seen for a modded stang with like mods. And I mean upper range, 9/10 people won't be there, that is one strong running car. Over 340rwhp? Raises a brow and makes me ask what happened. 330rhwp cars are freaks in my mind....340 would be like a one in a million. Someone earlier said 375 rwhp with these mods? come on, not even going there.

    The shop did something to inflate the numbers is my feeling. I'd be willing to bet anyone out there this car would be 305-330 on a dyno out here.

    and to the one other guy who said the prices were high for the mods. If you buy crappy parts like flowtech headers ya. But if you buy quality parts those prices are low, they are middle of the range. Point being there is no way on god's green earth your going to get a dollar for dollar return (hp per dollar) when looking at wether you should go F/I or H/C. F/I is by far the bargain, it's not even close.

    (and hey, thanks for being civil peeps.... I appreciate the kindness despite the different POV. And to the OP I'm sorry for hijacking your thread man. I'm sure your happy with the mods, picking up some extra juice from the loud pedal is always a good thing :nice:)
  18. Nice numbers. Now lets see some track times and then we can judge the numbers.
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