at last my Dyno Numbers for trick flow heads

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  1. + ∞.

    375 rwhp from nothing but heads and cams? Pa-leeze. That's more than a stock Terminator makes. And it's got 4 valve heads and a blower. Maybe a car did make 375 (or 350, or whatever) on a particular day on a particular dyno with a particular correction factor, but I bet it won't run much (if any) faster at the track than a ported PI/cammed/full bolt on 2 valve (making 325) does.
  2. These read like the words of a man who can't handle a blower and please his blonde girlfriend LOL just kidding. Are you people missing the fact that yeah if the stock TF heads only gets 8-10 more horses against a well ported stage III PI head imagine the numbers of a well ported TF head?:shrug::shrug: I have not done any research yet, just got that from reading the previously posted remarks.
  3. In 'o2 when I bought my GT, the discussion was "Who can make >300 hp NA?" Then when someone finally does it, in '05 the Gt comes out >300 stock! The nerve! If you would have said in '03 that Ford was designing a GT that would crush the (then) new and all powerful SVT Cobra, you would have been laughed out of the building or on here, just flamed to death).

    What seems impossible today is old news tomorrow. Just trying to keep it in perspective. If these numbers are a "stretch", they won't be for long.
  4. I still feel there are too many people stuck around the parameters of the regular PI head. LS motors make good power n/a and no its not due just to the fact that they have more cid. heads are where the power is made.

  5. Rather than only say it and have nobody believe it, I will link a thread where you can see it for yourself what a "popular shop" ported TFS does:

    5.4 ported TFS head Edelbrock intake combo makes 319RWHP on the dyno
  6. the tfs heads outflow 4v heads rite out of the box
  7. Yea, but they dont touch a ported 4v head.

  8. Don't even need to do that, just give the 4V a 3 angle valve job instead of the stock crap 2 angle it comes with and the flow is up dramatically. Better yet is give it a radius valve job and it goes even higher than a 3 angle.

    BTW - flow test the TFS head with the plastic PI intake mounted and watch the flow level stop at ~200CFM and never go any higher...............
  9. oh most definitly i concur there, but still on the same note when the tf heads are ported theyre still up there with the ported 4v heads.

    and to hotstang you posted a link to a b.s. electric s/c, come on man even the dumbest town idiot would buy that crap. trick flow has been around for years not to mention theyve one of the r&d departmants in the business. even corrected hp over standerd only shows a +/- 10-15hp difference.

  10. I'm just proving a point...... that 380 claimed by t/f is :bs: the manuf claims are all bs. ie.. 10hp from steeda udp's ... 12 hp from a cold air kit, accufab's 10-12 hp claims for their plenum/tb kit....etc

    and on a side note, I thought the same as you that no one would pay that much for that piece.... Then I saw that 1 was actually I looked at the feedback and there was a negative from that guy saying it didn't work...ha.... he is a nissan 350z driver, apparently he didn't gain the up to 80hp
  11. +1.

    I still want to see some track times from the OP.
  12. I was going to get Trickflow 44cc heads for my build, but the guy at Modular Head Shop told me it wasn't worth the money if I wasn't going to spin the engine over 7 grand.

    I ended up just getting ported PI heads.
  13. Sorry but you are wrong in this case. That 380HP we claim in proven in our own shop car from an outside dyno shop. Also keep in mind that this is 380 at the crank. Our car made 333 RWHP.
  14. i 100% belive it, ive persoaly seen 400rwhp, with a 302 stroker, and edelbrock manifold!
  15. and from the horseys mouth it is.:nice:
  16. I wasn't born yesterday [email protected] Maybe some people will buy your claim of 333rwhp by bolting that kit on with no supporting mods but not I.

    Let's say for the sake of it though you were correct.....

    The original poster had 340hp. and that number was blown up by not being sae. So let's say he's 330hp.

    Let's see, he has your kit +

    x pipe
    SLP catback
    Intake manifold.

    He must have one weak car if it should be making 330 with just the head kit you guys have. I mean he must be down what, 30-40 hp?

    He either has a very weak car, or your numbers are not correct.....being that I believe he has a very strong car then it's probably the latter.

    PS, what would you expect steeda to say about 8hp on their UDP's? I'm sure they have "proof". How about JLT 8hp CAI? I'm sure they have proof. 8-12hp Accufab TB/Plenum combo? They have "proof" too. Will anyone ever see those numbers in the real world? I think not.

    There is no way that you are outproducing a standard supercharger system like the vortech on a bone stock GT and if that's your claim put your money where your mouth is. You have claimed a 16hp advantage over a standard vortech kit per your claim. I have some deep pockets and would love for you to prove me wrong. We'll get a bone stock GT. and use a shop we can both be agreeable on. You bolt on yours, I'll bolt on Vortech. We'll put some nice coin on it ..... and, loser pays all parts/ service work. Send me a pm and I'll give you my contact info. You know darn well I'd be walking away with your $$ This is ridiculous, balls in your court [email protected] :nice:
  17. man o man, are you conceated, or just and igmo. dude you got 98cobra281 makin more then 300+hp out of a built, p&p npi headed car, youve got jim from cms raving over his cams in the tfs heads making more then 330hp, then youve got a guy from tfs itself confirming the claim, and for god sake man read the original posters thread start up, the dyno slip in the top right hand corner shows clear as day bright as a shiny star, (STD) were im from that means standard. the correct term your looking for is corrected, hell depending on were hes at the corrected hp rating could net him +/- 15-20hp. so what did we learn class, looks like hotstang is jealous cause he spent money on a f/i kit and now theres a head combo thats gonna eat his lil car up. :( but hey theres always somebody thats gonna be skeptical, hell i bet you still beleive in santa:eek:
  18. Here you go with the teenager stuff again fast. You are truly clueless, I don't even know what to say to your part about std vs sae. You call me igmo and then you go into a long thing about a shiny star and STD which is 100% wrong. By igmo I think maybe you were referring to your statements that followed that. But anyways, Take your little shots all you want. I can take whatever garbage you dish at me .... I'm a big guy and won't get offended by you lashing out anonymously behind your computer screen. Try to refrain from cheap shots.....we're simply talking about some performance products, your getting way to upset over this..... relax Besides, you're making yourself look bad.

    RE: what you said......
    For 1. my stang will smoke that thing. For 2. There's no way on the face of the planet that the kit they're speaking of is going to make more power, let alone 16hp they claim, over a standard FI kit like the vortech.

    And to prove it I'll put my my money where my mouth is. Put up or shut right? That's what I'm trying to do here... Why not make it interesting? He's so sure of his kit well let's see it.

    333 rwhp on a bone stock gt with that kit is hilarious :rlaugh: v:shrug:

    So let's do this thing and see what happens. Money and results talk. BS Walks. These guys want to hand over some money on a bet? I'm game..... seriously, let's do this.

    and fyi. I could go sink whatever I want into this car, or any of my cars tomorrow to attain whatever power goal I wanted. But that's not the point.
  19. um no, do you think that n/a car can beat me? I spent around 4gs for my turbo and I would eat that car alive, im not even close to the full power the kit can make on the stock block w/stock heads, cams and intake. ANYWAY STD = corrected and SAE = corrected:rlaugh: what are you even talking about?

    here's a good post I found
    "SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), USA. Power is corrected to reference conditions of 29.23 InHg (99 kPa) of dry air and 77 F (25°C). This SAE standard requires a correction for friction torque.

    STD is Another power correction standard determined by the SAE. Power is corrected to reference conditions of 29.92 InHg (103.3 kPa) of dry air and 60 F (15.5°C). Because the reference conditions include higher pressure and cooler air than the SAE standard, these corrected power numbers will always be about 4 % higher than the SAE power numbers. Friction torque is handled in the same way as in the SAE standard."

    Moving forward, like I posted before most shops like to blow up numbers using STD instead of SAE. I've even seen some shops post uncorrected numbers:nonono: STD numbers usually net 2.653% more power.

    BTW didnt want to post this, but this is my brothers STOCK engine stock heads, stock cams and stock intake, w/ the same turbo setup as mine... 7lbs vs 17lbs SAE....

  20. Wow didnt think this would attract "this" type of attention...but entertaining none the less. Haven't been to the track as of yet...hurricane knocking at my door and flooding everywhere is insane right now.

    Hotstang_46...I understand your arguement on the issue of "STD" and I should have caught it too, my fault, yet it was 97F and 78% humidity that day as well. SAE is derived from the j1349 correction being a 77F temp, 0% humidity and slightly lower barometric pressure from the standard 29.92in mercury. (only reason I know this..I was a weather guesser for the navy way But there is a way to convert STD to SAE numbers. Simply multiply your STD rwhp by ".974". So...

    x .974
    332.903 rounded to a 333rwhp for my own

    Hope this somewhat statisfies...if not...god have mercy on this thread...
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