at last my Dyno Numbers for trick flow heads

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  1. ya sick, sorry to mess up your thread. And btw as I said a few posts earlier it seems TO ME.... you surely have one of the strongest running na 2v's here with numbers like that, even corrected. But according to the gregg at TF ( and here is where I've taken exception) with their #'s you should have made 333rwhp or there about with no headers, x pipe, exhaust, cai, udp's, and intake. :jaw:
  2. how much hp did your headers make? im just messin tho for real, but a guy that owns the shop i hang around at has a 00gt with a 10.5:1 comp forged bottom end, mild p&p and 3angl valve job, vt stg2 cams, accufab upper plenum, 75mm tb, 24lb/hr injectors, 255l/hr fp, kooks l/ts bbk o/r-x pipe, mac catback, chassis dyno tune (big stuff program) 4.10s, c-clip elim kit, 31spline axles, tko 5spd. it makes 318hp 334ft/lbs tq off the bottle, on the bottle it makes over 450hp. tho it doesnt have the tfs heads but...the tfs outflow his pi heads, he may not make anymore hp n/a but he'll gain quit a bit more with his bottle frim the gain air flow and efficiancy of the heads. oh how much hp does your turd make. mine makes 236hp 287ft/lbs tq, thats with shorty headers, cai, bassani o/r-x 2.5in exhaust from headers to tail, flowmasters, and 4.10s.

    p.s.well some of us do what we can and are not fortunate enough to "sink" a ton of money in our cars, besides we/i dont like bosters and braggers, i have no use for them, and NO im not jealous of you and your abundance of money. oh but if you got SOOOO much money to spend why are you messin with a mustang? why dont you get a vett or cobra or somethin that says look at me im conceded, nah you dont need those things, you probibly walk around with your nose in the air were you arigancy is bitter sweet in your mind. get over youself its happened open your eyes, tfs it gonna be one of few who figure out how to get these mod motors to make n/a hp.

    but wait theres more, if the heads flow more then the stock 4v heads, and without the s/c on the 03-04 cobras they only make 335hp, so to me its logical that the tfs heads and good matching cams will get it done, even though the bottom ends differ little they still have about the same compression (stock pi vs stock 4v) so doesnt it seem logical to throw a set of heads on the stock 2v that ouflows stock 4v heads and gain the same hp as the stock (n/a) 4v
  3. Hotstang_46... no worries guy.

    I cant comment on TFS or there techs...all I have is whats in front of me. So I just chose to share and let individual decide.

    I do plan on trying another tuner...guys at Lethal Perfoamnce were cool but feel there's got to be a way to squeeze more torque and hp out of her with timing. But that's for down the line. Goal was for N/a with stock short block and sick numbers...and I'm getting there. N/a 2v's are, to me, an under-rated way to go...and I like being the under
  4. i stand corrected, and thank you for teaching me. but i thought that any dyno pull is a "standard" messurament for a given rating, then "corrected" was the fixed number that differant factors were added in then you got a different number. (air temp, humidity, elevation, etc.) are the factors im speaking of. are you gonna be at big wood dyno day? if so maybe you can school me some more, i love to learn. :flag:
  5. Listen man, why do you keep coming after me? I didn't do a darn thing to you..... Furthermore, I never bragged or boasted about anything. I just disputed what was being said here, like a few others on the thread. Like I said, I'm fortunate in that I have some dough and I'd like to put some of it where my mouth is. What in the world is wrong with that? Then you said I was mad I wasted my money..... I didn't waste my money and I'm happy about but mods, and like I said if I was mad about it I could go by the parts I wanted to put in my car. Stop being a d bag about this.

    And to answer your question. I mess with my mustang because It's the first car I ever bought. I bought it new in highschool and will be buried in this car. I have soo many memories with it and in it that there is not a single vehicle that I have that is more valuable to me. It's not always about what things cost man. Sometimes you like what you like. Funny thing you said though. What the heck do you have against vette's and cobra's? I have one of each, along with some cars and stuff that I'm sure you'll name out of disgust.

    here's the vette. over 1k at the rear wheels with both stages NOS, over 530 NA. It a gorgeous machine, and I'm damn proud of it. and no, I don't stick my head in the air at anyone and still stare at every stang I pass..... grow up dude



  6. LoL. Thread of the Century:

    His car with heads, cams, bolt ons, a blower, and methanol probably makes north of 500 horsepower, or twice what you make. So his "turd" is just a tiny bit faster than yours. ;)

    How do you figure a Terminator with no blower makes 335? The Mach 1 has the same heads and higher compression and only makes 305 hp (rated). That's all the more reason for me to doubt these "380 hp, 330 rwhp" claims on a stock GT. The TFS heads just barely outflow the stock 4 valve heads, but are somehow making 80+ more horsepower? :bs:

    Once again, don't get me wrong, the TFS heads are awesome. They are making NA power on the 2 valves, and that is great and impressive. But for someone to tell me you can bolt on 100+ rwhp on a STOCK 2 valve GT with nothing more than heads and cams...that's bologna. Maybe they did make 330 rwhp with good weather, a smart dyno operator, and some tricky corrections. But I'd bet that they don't have track times to match.
  7. Come to Houston if you want to maximize that tune and driveability on your car. I know Lethal is big stuff in SA, but I can assure you that I know 2 tuners that are so much better. BTW, are you going to the Mile next month? Shoot me a PM, we have a thread in the Squeeky Wheel.
  8. Stop whoring out your FRC:rlaugh:

  9. :eek: Mark , I have no idea what you're talking about :nice:
  10. nice vette, im not coming after you its just entertainment thats all. seriously though thats an awesome vette, whore it out please ill pay you for 5 mins with it
  11. Yeah I will be down there. Not gunning for the numbers my brother made, but looking to make between 450-500rwhp.
  12. HotStang 46,

    My name is Steve Olson and I am the General Manager here at TrickFlow Specialties.

    I am glad to hear that you are doing well in this difficult economy. Many enthusiasts out there have had to curtail their horsepower spending in order to provide for their families.

    I do not usually, in fact never, reply to posts on forums because forums are sites for enthusiasts to share the good and unfortunately sometimes the bad experiences they have had with their cars. It seems that you have had good fortune with your cars and I am happy that you are able to share it with the rest of this forum.

    I take no issue with your statements of doubt about the claims of one of your fellow posters, even if your methods seem a bit crass, but I would rather you didn't attack Trick Flow Specialties in the process.

    We are unquestionably the leader in cylinder head development and production. We have no reason to "lie" about our HP claims. We have 2 SuperFlow engine dynos and a Dynojet Chassis dyno. Often times we may be late to market with a product because we go the extra mile to make sure our product is the best and most reliable product on the market. We also stand by our product and you will not find another manufacturer that stands by it's products like we do. In fact, if the gentlemen that started this post, before you offered your opinions on his statements, would like to return his products due to insufficient performance as compared to our claims, I will personally refund his money.

    Everyone is brand loyal these days and I understand if your loyalty lies with another product. Please do not continue to make unsubstantiated comments about our products or offer up ridiculous offers to make bets on performance. Our name speaks for itself. Please feel free to express your right to purchase someone else's product if you feel the need. I think most of the folks on this thread are happy for the gentlemen's numbers and I think he is too. Please put yourself in his shoes and think about how you would feel if the situation was turned around and you were the one being attacked.

    To all of you that continue to support us by using our product, I give you my and the Trick Flow Team's thanks. You can be sure that we will continue to produce the finest products on the market and made in the USA.

    And finally to you, Mr HotStang 46, I wish you continued financial success and future happiness.

    Steve Olson
    General Manager
    Trick Flow Specialties
  13. :flag:

  14. Your 215's make sick hp on lsx's. Saw a pair the other day on a car while strapped down to the dyno.
  15. :eek:umm...nuf said, thank you gregg and the guys/gals for keeping you product manufactured and assemble in the great country of the USA:flag:

  16. Listen Steve, I can appreciate you coming on here and writing what you have in a polite manner. I would have expected nothing less and given you the same courtesy if you contacted me in private. And for the record I have not criticized your product or your company. In fact I personally hold your product in high regard and have some of your items on my various cars. However, I take issue with your horesepower claims, as others have. They are unrealistic. I have offered and still will offer you the chance to come on here and prove me wrong, publicly proving your superior product. Contact a mag for a shoot out......we do it publicly on here on a stangnet article...... I can think of a million ways to do this.....but the fact remains you never...ever.... would take me up on the offer because you know darn well your not putting up those numbers and outperforming a base fi kit like the vortech, per your claims. What do you have to lose here if your so sure about your product and it's superior hp gain vs the base fi products? Abo****ely nothing. If your claims are correct and you outperfrom the FI as you suggest it will even be on my dime. Seems like a win win to me Steve. You can contact me in private and I'm sure we could work something out. But please, just don't come on here and say well I would never do it for this reason or that reason, it would just be a cop out. Put your product and the faith you have in it up for this challenge and we'll let the results speak for themselves. :nice:
  17. i mean really? come on guy, why dont you buy the set-up and see for yourself, then if it dont do as it should sue them for false advertisement, or are just gonna be a bully and flaunt and bragg about your cars that you have ALL this money in. btw im not attacking you, i just despise snobby people. its not an insult or name-calling, nor is it stereotyping but more like the truth of a person that is arrogant/conceaded
  18. Listen fast, quit making this about me. You don't know me and there's nothing I've written that exhibits any behaviour that you're talking about. I'm fortunate that I have the funds to issue a challenge to this company and call em out. If they don't want to do it...... they don't want to do it. It's obvious why they wouldn't want to. Furthermore, you're the one talking garbage here like what you said about supposed cobra and vette owners, in which I took exception because I have them. I find it offensive that you would say such when I have these cars and many of my friends do. It's ignorant and it has no place here. Neither do some of your other comments so stop already. I've been more than kind to you and could just have easily taken shots back at you for things you've posted here, but I've chosen not too. But enough is enough, quit it. If you have a man crush I understand, bet get over it, I'm not interested man :nice:

    Again, I've simply raised the BS flag here. And then this guy comes on here and says he has no reason to lie.

    Well pardon me for thinking that they have inflated their numbers. I mean every stang company I look at when opening a summit, fast fords, or whatever does but hey.....they are the only one's that haven't right ?:shrug: :notnice:

    It's easy to talk the talk but it's another to walk the walk. I've said the same thing this whole time, a million times, those numbers are inflated and not going to happen. And why when I'm happy with my set up would I buy another car and more parts just to prove them wrong and post on here. That's no fun and a waste of my time. However a public challenge shootout thing would be fun, why not make it intersting for me and everyone else if they're game?
  19. from the guy that talked smack at all of us about shorty headers thread after thread. It is a debate. You don't have a dog in the fight, he called out the numbers. Let them go at it, since you have very little info on 2v cars.

    If you have been around TF products, they are top notch. The claims were high, IMO, and I have seen one of the first cars to go 11's in a 2v(steve driers svo head car). A member disagreed with the numbers, and he has the right too. It gets out of hand when others with no headswap experience get in on the discussion. It's not a gang fight here, it is knowledge and proof for others.

    Trickflow came on here and defended themselves, as they should since they put out top quality products and they did so in a very standup kind of way. I would never pay the money NA on a 2v(or any expensive ported head), but for an FI 2v and other applications(LSX) they are hands down the best around. Their reputation is known in the performance world as being excellent.

    This just spurs debate. Maybe TF will come back with more dyno proof and examples, etc. People don't always see eye to eye, and it is no reason for others to jump in when they think shorty headers work on stock NA NPI cars. Enough members have left over the last 5 years as is. Just my $.02. Keep the debate going in a respectable fashion without members jumping in that have no clue what they are talking about.
  20. He, amongst many others, already has; yet you continue to ignore visible, substantiated results.

    This thread is done, as it is (a urinary expulsion match) far beyond its initial purpose (exhibition and pride of ownership).

    Sick2v, please let me know if you would like your original content clipped to a new thread or if you are comfortable with this outcome (thread closure). Thanks.
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