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  1. Who's going to Atlanta to the International Auto Show between the Jan 10-19 to actually see the 2005 Mustang. I know that there will be pictures all over after Jan 4th's press day, but I was wondering who is actually going to see it up close.
  2. If there is an Atlanta International Auto Show and it is between Jan 10-19 and the Mustang is supposed to be there, I'll be there. I've never heard of the Atlanta International Auto Show...maybe you're speaking of the Annual Atlanta Journal Constitution's Metropolitan Atlanta Automobile Dealership Assciation/Atlanta Journal Constitution Auto Show (AJC-MAADA), which is usually at the Georgia World Congress Center in March-April...But nevertheless, I'll check it out, and if it's to be, I'll be there with my camera.
  3. There is no "Atlanta International Auto Show" scheduled at the Georgia World Congress Center, where car shows are usually held (Atlanta Journal Constitution International Auto Show, Hot Import Nights,). The Atlanta Journal Constitution International Auto Show is scheduled for March 10th - 14th 2004, and the Mustang would most likely be there.

    I think the "International Auto Show" in January that you are referring to is the North American International Auto Show in Detroit where the car will be unveiled.
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    I go to the AJC carshow every year.

    I also know the budget analyst for the GWCC. I will give her a call and ask if there is such a thing as the Atlanta International Auto Show.
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    Hey. Congratulations, so do I. Would you like to see some pictures from this years? How about last year's? The year before that maybe?

    If you go to the AJC Auto Show every year, you would know that it is in MARCH not JANUARY.

    The North American International Auto Show (NAISAS), held in DETROIT (NOT ATLANTA), where the new Mustang is going to be unveiled is running from January 10th - 19th.

    If you would like to see the schedule for the Georgia World Congress Center and prove it to yourself then have a look:

    Oh and here's the schedule for NAISAS:

    I don't doubt the 2005 making an appearance at the Atlanta Journal Constitution International Auto Show, however it won't be in JANUARY, it will be in MARCH (10th-14th) when we the car will already have been unveiled.

    Here's some evidence of my attendance (from the 2002 AJCIAS-MAADA):

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  6. When i was like 5 my dad worked for neal pope here in atlanta and he worked the show. I got to meet lee Iacoca and got to sit in the testarossa, and at that age, it was the biggest thrill of my life. I too have literally been to it every year, and it seems to get worse a little each time