Attempted to get duals today...

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  1. And.... the guy decided that running the pipes on the left hand side would put them to close to the gas fill line. Said he would be liable if somthing fire orriented happend. I would think the exhaust that far back wouldnt even reach over 120 degrees anyways, that probably wouldnt even burn plastic. Is this BS? :bs:
  2. The 4.0 car will accept true duals, the underside of the car is nearly Identicle to an 8 cylinder.
    I know, because we have both, and the 6 cylinder has duals on it.
  3. This is deintily a sign of inexperience, will be trying to find another place now...
  4. hey echo buy the way today i had my friends gt up on the lift it is exactly like ours the other pipe mirrors the pass side no brob plus the mounts holes are on the driver side.
  5. I think this guy made up a BS excuse because he under estimated the work. I made sure several times that he wouldn't go over his deal of $150. He definitly liked the car though :) These stangs seem to have that effect on people.
  6. Thats exactly what he did. Nobody in their right mind would put duals on there for under $250 unless you are supplying the mufflers.
  7. echo7 which place did you try to get the work done from?
  8. Yeah, i have the two gt mufflers, and i wanted the second put on and new mounts on both, and a redo of single exhausr to true duals. It was this junk place thats nearby my work, only reason i tried to do it there. I'll have to wait and find a more professional shop.
  9. Cheapest i found for dual exhaust was $400. Flowmaster American Thunder: mufflers, 2 1/4" piping, mufflers, cats, 3" tip. Anyone have an estimate of how much performance gain we can expect with the duals?
  10. yeah, one of my friends got true duals, flowmaster exhaust and big chrome tips for just over 400. I'm only going to buying some pipe and some labor, so $150 sounds about right.
  11. Echo7

    The bottom of the car, in relation to the gas-tanks, are identicle both left and right.. The guy is a loser... Please find another shop?

    I need your opinion though.. Check this out...

    Hey guys! This is my scenario currently..

    I have the FlowMasters in.. I have dual exhaust in my V6 2005.. I thought I should re-adjust the exhaust design to possibly gain alittle more power... I had both of my exhaust pipes run from both headers seperately.. Meaning they never cross paths.. Basically no X-Pipe..

    OMG!! What happend? 2 New problems... My low rumble and High RPM V8 sound is gone, and I also lost, it feels like 60HP... LOL!!! Guys what the hell happened?

    My question is, does the X-Pipe obviously offer a serious performance boost? It must... Can anyone explain exactly the science with the X-Pipe design? Also, why does my V6, really sound like a V6 now?..

    I will have to take it back, and get the X-Pipe re-installed again... But just need to know that I indeed make a mistake..

    Another things is, It may be more of a loss than 60HP.. I can't spin my tires anymore!! LOL!! OMG... Help me mama!!

    Guys, I will post a few pics of the situation... Give me alittle bit to snap some pics.. Standby!!

    Started the car this morning! OMG, my low V8 rumble is better than ever! LOL!! Whats going on guys? Whats taking place here? However, I have lost on the magnitude of 60HP to 80HP since the X-PIPE fiasco.. Pics have been snapped, stand by!
  12. [​IMG]




    Ok Guys, here are the pics... So basically, I need to re-install the X-Pipe.. It seems, we need tons of backpressure for the 2005 V6 engine, for it to work to spec.. So at what point do we get more gains from exhaust work, if allowing more flow can hurt the performance..
  13. Seems like you could just have someone weld in a crossover pipe somewhere in the middle. How big are your pipes?

  14. Same as stock size.. Thats what I am going to do.. Have them weld in a x-pipe..

    Explain the true purpose of it for me please.. Whats the science? Thanks
  15. I found the theory guys!! Thank GOD!!

    Ok, so the X-Pipe is crucial in a number of ways... Most of all, it helps to contribute to the cars sound for 1.. 2nd, it indeed is imperative for both sides of the manifold to work together.. Seperating the 2 like I have is not recommended.. This is a very important topic.. I am glad I had a chance to share this experience.. Find the theory in this thread.. Read all the post..

    Here is another

    From the 2nd article.. A quote that has made me feel very satisfied.. So infact, I did lose a tremendous amount of power.. I can truley backup this theory!!

    The next logical question is; "What does an X-Pipe do?" It has been born out through trial and error, as well as dyno testing, that removing the X-Pipe from the exhaust results in a loss of torque and HP.

    And another, which is Mustang specific.

    So this is my plan guys.. Once done, I will take pictures of the cars bottom, while at the muffler shop, and post them in this thread...


    This is truley exciting to me guys.. Based on my cars, low rumble at present, without the X-PIPE in place, I am feeling really confident, that once in place, I will have more power than stock, and have a sound which will be truley amazing..

    I will do 2 things for us guys.. I will take the pictures of the bottom of the car, and also get a sound clip together..

    I may need assistance on the sound clip.. Maybe... If someone could just post what needs to be done, I would appreciate it.. I have Sony and a Dell Laptops.

    I also have a Dual Opteron SLI Computer, I am typing this on.. I cant move this out to the Mustang though!..LOL!
  16. I think something needs to be explained here..

    My original exhaust work did not consist of an X-PIPE..

    By default, the 2005 V6 does not have an X-PIPE..

    Mine will now get a real X-PIPE installed.. Mine had the original merge between the PIPES leftover from the single exhaust setup...

    So now that I have found the importance of the X-PIPE design, my car will sound better than before, and should put out more torque and horsepower..

    This information is for those that wish for dual exhaust, but do not want to buy the $500 X-PIPE pre-fabbed kit..

    Most shops with good welders can make and install the setup for alot less than the pre-fabbed type...
  17. I am not too sure if the majority of you understand what I am getting at..

    Take a look at this JBA setup.. Its $449 just for parts, plus installation fees.. It does not even have a true X-PIPE setup...

    The way this one is designed for dual, is of course going to be better than a stock setup.. But as you can see its using leftover stock parts coming from the headers to complete a semi X style..

    Notice the end of the Y type pipe, which would go into the 2 into 1 already on your car..

    Based on the info in the links, in regards to the 500% suction rate, this design will not get you to that true 500% level...

    If anyone disagrees with me, please respond..
  18. does a cross member do the same as an x pipe, or is it not as efficient. I thought i would be going straight duals, but i'm glad you brought up this x pipe discussion :)
  19. If you are going to be putting a blower on your car, then goin true duals might be beneficial. But until you have a need for more air to flow out (by more flowing in) havin an x/h pipe is going to help out with low end power.
  20. is it hard to customize an x pipe? also, since i'm using gt mufflers, which are bigger pip requirements, when would be the best spot to increase the pipe to fit in the mufflers? right before the mufflers or close to the x pipe.