Attempted to get duals today...

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  1. Can anyone recommend an exhaust shop in San Diego that they are happy with?

  2. Preciate it man!! Yes, the trick is to paint the inside of the wheel (only) the color of your car.. In your case Yellow.. Then as the star rotates, it reflects the yellow inside the wheel onto the chrome.. In my case, Blue.. I may get this done at a later time..


    Sometimes the thread travels off topic, because this is kind of like a meeting place for a few of us who find pleasure in corresponding with the same group of guys.. Of course, exhaust topics are the course of the day, so thats always a welcome post.. But dont get to pissed because we choose to post to this thread to make sure our buddies can read our post..

    Also, a true dual setup is one where the exhaust pipes never cross.. With an X-PIPE, its not a true dual.. Only in that before the X is installed, you must run both pipes to the back first..
  3. hey i was just wondering....i order my x pipe today off of ebay for $76.00. i'll try to get it installed in a week or two. i hope it hurries, i can't wait any longer
  4. To MSP.. I wasnt mad at all.. i was in a way "Kidding" about the (!!) but i guess you cant really show how you mean for things to be said on the computer..

    To All,

    I have been thinking again about getting an exhaust system i will try again and ask them if they can make MSP's set up since its not a "Full" True exhaust. I thought about cutting my bumper myself.. but i dont have great luck with those kind of things.. and i asked at the muffler shop if they could cutt it for me. The guy i talked to said he would have to look at it.. Is this a wise thing to do?, To havethem cut it? or do youy think they will jack the prices up.. plus i was going to have them make the haners since idont have an extra one..
  5. I would try cutting it yourself. Just take your time. If you screw it up you can always get the GT bumper from Casco. :nice:
  6. Just go to HomeDepot. Buy a 3"in Circular Hole cutting Saw.. Measure off the distance to the existing (half) cut in the bumper.. Now, mark your measurements to the other side.. Using the circular hole cutting saw, placed at the correct measurements, make your cut.. It should take about 7 to 8 seconds.. Make sure you use masking tape on the edge of your half-hole pattern, so if the cutting saw jumps, it wont scratch the paint.. If so, buy a small tube of touch up paint from your nearest Ford dealership..

    For those who want to make a GT bumper, just raise the Cut so it can be visably seen from the back like the GT.. Now you have to re-cut both sides.. go to the muffler shop, and have your pipes re-adjusted to fit inside the new bumper pipe Cut-outs.. When a guy with a GT rolls up on you, rev it up.. dont be shy!! Vrooom...Vrooomm......POP...POP!! :D LOL!!
  7. H-pipes may give the same or better results as an xpipe.. we just havent seen dyno proof yet proving which is better. I do know, however, that H-pipes definitly give alot more of that old school muscle car sound, and generally more torque down low. Xpipes have a way of moving the upper or entire power band.

  8. I'm just familiar with the H-PIPES on the 5.0 motors.. I had an off-road H-PIPE on my 93 Cobra.. It did sound mean..

    I'll tell you what Zodiac.. I will buy an H-PIPE, and have it installed and let you know..

    I would like to know for myself what the true differences are, so I am interested in trying one out on our 4.0's.. I'll keep you posted..
  9. echo7

    I truley think we have installed the X-PIPES too far forward.. I think I will try out an H-PIPE.. I will buy one similar to this, and have the shop chop it, and install it...

    But notice the point at which the H crosses over.. Its down quite abit from our setup..

    I know for a fact it will make the car sound deeper.. But now I am really curious as to the power curve..

    What is going to be really interesting is I should have my GTECH sometime this week.. So I will be able to see some type of baseline for the change over..

    My theory relates to taking a visual picture of the GTECH meter after the run is complete to show everyone realtime results.. This could get exciting fellas..

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  10. texas_stang

    I may change my mind on my previous suggestion to you.. Sit tight.. You will be able to compare results with a picture of the GTech Meter along with a new sound clip..


    Hopefully the Gtech meter will calibrate properly to my previous RWHP rating attained from the Dyno-Jet performance meter.. Which was about 182RWHP..
  11. i wouldnt go for hp ratings on the GTech, they'll only be semi accurate if you know your exact car weight, just go for like 3 1/4 mile runs on you x pipe setup, get an average, then do 3 runs on your H pipe setup, in the same place, perrfeably same weather, and get an average.

  12. I'll do that Echo7, no problem.. Check out the "Blown" thread and check out the newfound info.. I am going to put together a very inexpensive Blower system for us.. I need your support for that project to buddy!! The battle has begun friend..!! :D
  13. I want someone on here to post their findings on a blower very badly, i know these 4.0's have ALOT of potential....
  14. I'm working on it Echo7.. I am inline for a blower right now.. Should have it in a few more days.. I'll post the pics as soon as I get it.. Once you see the pics, you will know how serious I am.. Sit tight buddy.. :nice:
  15. god this is gonna be good, and i want to you to race a GT when this is over, and smoke him....
  16. MSP, I read the blower thread before I read this entire thread. I'eve got about 600-700 dollars burning a hole in my pocket. MSP and echo7, if you could I'd like the EXACT details of how your exhaust is set up what mufflers you bought, what size pipe, and then let you all know how that exhaust works with a Steeda CAI, and an SCT tune. The only reason I wished I had bought a GT was for the V-8 sound (I miss the sound my 69 Mach 1 had, talk about a head turner) and would like to get something that sounds better than the stock muffler!
  17. Mine sounds very meaty, especially at start up, but with my GT exhaust, i wish it were louder. I kinda feel like it sounds rice after going above 4k rpms, but i think with new mufflers would sound better. Here's my setup...

    dual 2.5" from stock manifolds to Bassani X-Pipe (almost same position as original Y-Pipe) dual 2.5" from X-Pipe to GT takeoff mufflers...

    I love the sound and have great increases in power (0-60 in 6.3 1/4 in 14.67 @ 100.9mph). I would think that with a CAI & SCT2 retune would have a dramatic increase in power....
  18. JBA has a true dual exhaust out now with an H-pipe for $629. Might be something to consider: