Attempted to get duals today...

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  1. That looks nice but when you consider the price .. it's really a rip off .. most of the prefab kits are ...

    For example .. and taking into consideration I live in NY (costs are very high here)..

    I have a shop that is going to build my exhaust with the parts I asked for .. (Flowmaster 40 series) with tips and all hardware etc etc .. out the door for 520 plus tax..That's fabricating all pipes from cats back .. much bending ...

    I won't even get any of the JBA or Magnaflow kits home in my house for less then 520. OOh and hes going to notch the stock rear Valance for me .. a definate plus in my book..

    When It's done will post pics .. he can't fit me in till the 25th though so I am waiting in anticipation :(
  2. i recently got dual flowmasters installed with chrome tips done by a local shop for 300 out the door. worth every penny. the sound is great and there is a power increase. i plan on also getting headers, an x-pipe and a new rear end, possibly off of a 4.6 or 5.0. that, along with a cai and a tune is going to run me about $1000 for everything including installation, which is pretty good of a price for all the work.

    ill try to get pics of all this and post them here, but i cant promise for sure
  3. i think if your gonna cut a hole in the air box 1 hole is enough. make it a 3" hole on the right side. then attach a 3" diameter pvc pipe to that hole. have that pointed down toward the wheel well. if you look next to the box its open in that direction. then you get a flow of air from outside the engina bay.
  4. Actually the stock air box already has a duct that comes out from the front and points into the fender well to pull cool air from inside the fender well. it's at least an inch .. bigger actually.
  5. @ALL

    Well, got the wheels on.. Whatya think?

    I found a good deal on these 255/50/17's, and said what the hell.. I actually wanted more meat in the back, but these pretty much replace what I had on previously..

    All I need now is a Blower and some slicks for Pomona!! LOL!! :nice:
    Also, I'll lower to get the tires tucked slightly underneath the fenderwell, and add the Streetscene ducktail.. I'm really happy with the Mach1 SVT Chromed wheels.. I dont have any regrets at all..

    But I'm interested in opinions good or bad.. first I'd like to say I have always felt muscle cars should have no less than a 50 series tire.. This way, on a race night, you can let out some air for a better launch.. I'm running 40lbs of air.. If I were to set the back to about 30lbs, I could get a better launch than a guy with 40 or 45 series tires... This is my opinion..

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    I got the feeling from this thread that you didn't like rear wheels that weren't deep dish?

  7. Well, of course deep dish would be best.. However, these wheels are original Mach1 SVT's.. I dont think Ford makes the Mach1's in deep dish do they? LOL!! But I guess I deserve the payback.. LOL!! But if these were FR500's, the rear would for sure be deep dish.. But, on a side note.. The original FR500's are made in deep dish? If not, then it must only be the clones which are.. In which case guess I was wrong from the authentic point of view..
  8. Check this out guys!!

    Jerry and I had an 05 V6 auto on the dyno at Dyno Dave's last week. While there was some dyno development work that went into the SCT 05 calibration....there was never a back to back test done.

    The car had about 4k on it. It had dual exhaust already. We used pump premium fuel.

    Base power was 178rwhp and 205 ft/lbs.
    After tune was 187rwhp and 215 ft/lbs.

    While a gain of 9rwhp and 10ft/lbs may not seem like much the gains in mid-range were more impressive. There are places where the car picked up 15rwhp and 15 ft/lbs. Thats very noticeable. Average gains were about 12rwhp and 13 ft/lbs.

    The car felt a ton better after as well with the higher shift points, firmer shifts, reduced torque truncation and of course the power.

    It appears he has just proven my "Jolt" theory.. I cant believe i have finally been confirmed!!

  9. Looks intresting, definitly want to see some pics when it's done :)
  10. @ALL

    Stop buying mufflers!! I took off my mufflers and am just running the cats.. It sounds V8 and Nasty.. Pics coming after I eat lunch..

    Then I'll need to run another HP test.. :nice:

    What is important to note is the Magnaflow Xpipe will only sound like this.. The Bassani creates a different sounding tone... Ask echo7.. But for sure the Magnaflow Xpipe can be run without the mufflers, and sound GT.. No rasp..
  11. Here ya go.. This I believe is the way to go.. I didnt put on any tips at this point..

    So just to emphasize, running without any mufflers, using the Dual Exhaust Magnaflow XPIPE is the way to go..

    When you get on the car you get a really nice throaty rumble.. I was not sure how it would sound, but definatley the xpipe has everything to do with the sound of the engine..

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  12. curious to hear a sound clip...
    you could run dumps after the rear axle...
  13. I'll get a sound clip later on...

    No need for dumps, it sounds good.. I know the impression is it sounds really loud, but you would be surprised.. I know I was..

    By dump you mean a noise restricter type device?
  14. dumps tend to drone really bad inside the car. Its best to have pipes. It looks good MSP, however, I think you need some tips. :D
  15. nah, it's like a turn-down pipe so that from the rear of the car you don't see any tips (unless you get down at ground level you could see the turn downs underneath the car.)
  16. I agree about the tips, it doesn't look good at all with those small pipes.
  17. I'll put some tips on later.. I didnt want to buy some $40 tips right away.. You never know how things will turn out.. Being visually appealing in the way of chrome was not a priority off hand.. The sound and the performance came first..

    I'll test the GTech meter later, and see how it goes.. Once I have this info I can decide on some tips..