Attempted to get duals today...

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    Is it true that once you make changes to the exhaust system, you should unplug your battery for a certain amount of time to drain computer of info? So that the computer can recalibrate itself to the new environment?
  2. when are we going to hear it without mufflers MSP?
  3. Yes. You really should get an XCal-2 though. :shrug:
  4. Yes, I understand this Jimp.. But not before I install the Supercharger.. I'll only spend that $650 once..

    But I am interested in just how good the SCT tune will be...
  5. $650? It's only $365 at bamachips(if you are a member of the Mustang Source forums).
  6. Youve got to be losing so much power without mufflers.. only really high end cars benefit from running without them.. and Im talking 700-800hp+ here. When i had mine straight piiped in the muffler shop it sounded like total crap. It was loud, mean soundin, but popped like crazy.. thus, very very bad.
  7. You lose power if there is not enough backpressure. The cats will provide backpressure, and in many cars, the restriction of the cats is enough to help quiet down the car too. Even the high horse cars will benefit from backpressure unless they are forced induction, be it a turbo, or a supercharger.

  8. Mine does not sound like that.. We have different exhaust systems.. Trust me when I say it sounds good..

    Also, mine does not pop at all, and sound really good.. Maybe I'll make new sound file tomorrow.. Also, the power is really good on the high-end, and the bottom end torque is still about the same..

    I would never allow my car to sound like crap.. Ever!!

    Also check out page 17..
  9. MSP, page 17 to me doesnt even exist.. I have up to page 12.. give me a post number :p
  10. This question is for the guys who already have dual exhuasts. Is it worth to get mandrel bends in the pipes?
  11. Could you tell the difference? Probably not...
    Are mandrel bent pipes better for flow? in theory... yes.
  12. Yeah.. not worth the money on the mandrel bends imo.
  13. just got duals installed today. WOW is all i can say. i got the x pipe and flowmasters. sounds great everybody should get them
  14. I've been following this thread since I joined. We had a local shop do our duals but instead of tying into the Y-pipe, he cut it out running true duals. The car sounds terrible. Found another local shop that will do what we want - x-pipe into duals. Ordered the Bassanni x-pipe last night and hopefully by next week, our duals will be the way we want them...

    Has anyone with duals on the V6 gone with the SLP Loudmouths? We like the sleek design and may go that route and get rid of our GT take-offs...
  15. if ur shop made it so its true duals, that means they can bend and cut pipes, so instead of buying an x-pipe y not get ur shop to bend u one?
  16. its tough to bend an x pipe, since you have to cut out the pipe and weld it up. Most shops aren't equipped to do that.

  17. I told you!! Now BUY A GTECH meter, and join us.. The more of us who get the GTechs, the better... Congrats on the new setup.. :nice:
  18. i have a gtech......just kind of scared to use it. :damnit: i loaned it to a friend i work with that has a mach 1 he got 14.4 @ 104mph. he gave it back and said to never give it to him again cause he would end up killing himself.. LOL
  19. only a 14.4 in a mach1, sounds very slow, shouldnt it be more like 13.4?