Attempted to get duals today...

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  1. Brodude - MisterCMK is correct. I could have the new shop make an X pipe from scratch but as they say, time is money. It was easier for all involved to order one. :)

  2. LOL!! Yeah, you do have to be kool using it, because it draws you into making 1/4 mile runs frequently..

    Well, make a few runs when you have time so we can cmpare your results... Remember, you must keep it restricted to flat ground only... LOL!! Also, I think Echo7 is right, he must have meant 13.4 @ 104.. Which is really nice I must add..
  3. asked him again. he said 14.4 with a LOT of wheel spin.
  4. yeah, if it were 13.4, it would be around like 115mph (i could be wrong) but if he had a bad launch, 14.4 is reasonable...

  5. Hey Echo7, I saw the pics of your car in the other thread, and I must say your car does look pretty sweet man.. You have captured the classic Mustang package look, like no one else.. Nice job buddy!! :nice:
  6. lol, thanks MSP, i'm really loving the bullits on the windviel blue, and when ever i get to getting some stripes, i think my stang will stand out on its own, especially in my county. Then with some side window and rear window louvers, i'll be all set :D
  7. Question for anybody that has a x pipe and duals. it sounds great, but between about 1900 and 2400 rpm it is very loud inside the car. i plan on taking it back to the muffler shop to see if there is anything they can do about it. my question is Does everbodys do this or is mine special?
  8. sorry to break it to you, but you put duals on with flowmasters. Thats the way they are supposed to sound.

  9. Flowmasters are designed to give interior resonance, for a high performance sound in the cockpit.. If you dont desire that, then you need to get magnaflows or something else put on.. Remember my sound clip with the windows closed?

    Windows Down

    This is not current, just posting the old ones for Tex to remember..
  10. i only have a drone at a very specfic low rpm, which i never hit low rpm's my lead foot, so GG!
  11. flowmaster 50's

    i've posted this elsewhere, but i'll ask here too since the loudness of the flowmasters has been brought up... i'm going next week to get an estimate for a true dual setup + h-pipe, 2.5" tips, and i'm thinking about the flowmaster 50's instead of 40's. has anyone heard these or knows the real difference between the 2? i don't want a roaring car—i want the dual setup mainly for aesthetics, but i'd like a nice tone as well, and from what i read on the flowmaster site, the 50's have the same tone, just not quite as loud. also, how much of a pain in the ass is it going to be if i decided to put on headers later, rather than just get them now? i've having meineke quote me a price... anyone have any idea of what would be too high or what the difference in price between the 40s and 50s are gonna run?

    i could wait till saturday to find out, but i'm impatient.
  12. the differences inprices should be minimal. the 50s are going to be quieter than the 40s, and its just as easy to install headers later as it would be now.
  13. I believe the 50 series have 3 chambers instead of 2. Also, the delta flow line (which comes in both 40 & 50 series) have three little deflectors inside which cancel noise even more while still allowing the same flow. They may have diagrams of the mufflers on their site, but if not, you can sign up for a free catalog online. Headers shouldn't matter if you do it now or later, it will still be difficult either way. I would not think that Meineke installs headers but I don't know. :shrug: Someone else should be able to help with pricing.
  14. i have quick question. I was on, and i noticed that jba had 2 dual exhaust kits, one being a true dual exhaust. I dunno if anyone asked this question, but which one is more beneficial in gains, and are there any pros and cons to either one.
  15. zodiac, philstang, thanks.
  16. In short, based on testing no matter what exhaust work is done to te car, it cant be seen until an SCT tune has been completed.. So off the top for all newcombers, I would suggest the SCT tune as the very first priority.. This way, its easier to get a baseline from stock when completing other mods.. You have no idea how frustrating it is to complete small mods here and there, and still be only as fast as a stock car..

    So I am not responding directly to your question, but providing answers to a future question you may have.. Basically, take the first $400 bucks for mods on the car and get SCT tuned.. Then after that, all other mods, no matter how small will show some type of gain at the end of the day..

    Givin the chance to start my mods over, I would definatley do as Jimp has done and get the SCT tune done first, then add other changes later..

    Also, keep in mind, I have not done any mods really but an XPIPE dual exhaust system, so I am really crying over spilled milk.. I am still just beginning like everyone else.. It is still shocking that after all this time and effort, my work on the XPIPE theory is still not complete because of my failure to first get SCT tuned.. You must understand, that I believe at this point in the development the SCT tune must be the absolute first performance enhancing mod to be completed.. If you can understand that my tricked out exhaust system cant even be used because of a small computer program which has limited the Air intake and fuel Intake to a stock car, then you know that leaving the exhaust system stock and doing the SCT tune to alter these facets is actually a better mod to complete first.. This is the only way to bring up the curves in terms of HP and TQ..

    Also keep in mind, Jimp should be recieving his Gtech Pro meter anyday now, so we should be able to see some results with an SCT tune car with exhaust real soon.. I am really anxious to see him get past the 14.4 ET 1/4mile time.. I am pretty sure he should be able to hit 13.7 or 13.8, if not better..(positive thinking! :nice: )

    Also, in regards to why I wont get SCT tuned now is because of the Blower project.. I now must wait until that work is complete so that the tune encompasses the complete package...
  17. I don't know if I agree with getting the tune first. From my understanding you will need a new tune for every mod you put on right?

    The folks at brenspeed want to know exactly what mods you have so [I believe] they can incorporate them in the tune they give you.

    So, I think it is better to mod your rig and then do the tune last and save money :nice:

  18. I was speaking more to the Self(car owner) Calibrating device.. Basically, get the new chip which allows itself to be programmed by the owner.. Does that make more sense? I believe those programmers are about $400 bucks..

    These are $399..
  19. dual exhaust estimate...

    i just got back from Meineke... here's what they told me

    $65 for the pipe
    $35 for the H-pipe
    $170 X 2 for Flowmaster 40's Delta Series
    $20 X 2 for the tips
    $160 in labor

    then there was hangers and stuff that he didn't itemize in the estimate, but the total came to $735.00

    does this seem excessive you ya'll? i'm reading about folks getting basically this setup for 400-500 bucks... just wondering are those figures w/out the actual mufflers or am i just getting screwed on this?

    also, in my haste i neglected to find out exactly what the model number on those flowmasters i need... can someone help me out? im getting the 40's series delta flow. i recall him saying that the length was 14", but i dunno about the offset.
  20. Haledixon,
    That price is ridiclious. Beyond ridicliuos. I paid 400 bucks for the exact same set up, excepting that I have classic 40s AND 2 glasspacks.

    Without tuning the car after each mod you can cause it to run dangerously lean or rich. You could easily destroy the motor by not having it turned properly. I agree, SCT should be your first purchase.

    If I had to go back and do it all over again, i wouldnt touch the car until I was ready to work on the engine. These engines depend on backpressure for performance. I love the sound of the exhaust, but If i could do it all over again i would build up and build up and build up the pressure by modding the engine, then when it cant take it anymore, "unplug" the exhaust just enough and let it fly.