Attempted to get duals today...

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  1. Zodiac

    where do you live? maybe the difference in some of the pricing is regional, i dunno.. im in central NC, but i think mostly theyre just trying to pull one over on me. a 2 minute search i found the delta flow mufflers and jegs and i can buy both for what they're charging me for each, with free shipping. im just not entirely sure which model i need. can you tell me which way the offset is? i'm trying to figure out where else theyre padding this estimate. im guessin the miscellaneous stuff they didn't list, i dont see why hangers would amount to almost $100. the price on the tips seems about right, but i have no clue how much it should cost for the pipe.
  2. tips, mufflers, x-pipe and labor (a lot of bending cutting and welding) all came out to 395 even. I live in South Florida, so i guess its more everywhere else?
  3. the mufflers should be about $170 for BOTH...
  4. I had the work done in Atlanta, GA. Not as big as say NYC but you would thing the prices wouldnt vary that much. Perhaps its because you're having Meineke do it and I had a local shop do the work?

    As for the offset, what? Mufflers should only have an alightment which is totally seperate from the muffler itself, but the actual bolt on. Any shop should be able to practically give away tips unless you're asking for something totally uncommon and ridiclious.

    As far as the model goes, thats entirely up to you. I went with the classic 40s because I knew the sound I was going to get, it was exactly what I wanted, and I wasnt going to settle for anything less. The delta series, as I believe you said, should be noticibly less loud than the classics. I believe it gives more of a quiet rumble than the old fashioned Flowmaster sound.
  5. Haledixon,

    Dante MO over at TMS said: "I had duals put on at Meineke with Flowmasters and an h-pipe for 425 with tax. Just had them cut the bumper (scary).
  6. where in south florida?? and which shop did you get yours done???
  7. the hangers are 45 dollars a piece through ford. but you can get them through 05kcstang for cheaper

  8. He's trying to rape you!! Dont do it! Should only cost about 4-5 hundered..
  9. Zodiac,

    I didn't mean mod the rig and run it (without a tune). For me, I'm waiting until I have enough bank to get my mods - and the tune - and install them at the same time.

    Why buy a tune for your stock car, then down the road put exhaust (get a tune), put a CAI (get a tune) ... etc. I don't think it's wise to waste cash on all those incremental tunes.
  10. You really only need the tune if you are doing something rather involved such as H/C/I or a supercharger or the like. Generally bolt ons will not require you to tune the car, hence the name "bolt on."
  11. thanks for the info folks. i knew the muffler $ was doubled, but i was wondering where they were padding the estimate besides that.

    btw, the pipe that they said they'd use is aluminum, not stainless... their estimate for the pipe is $65 and $35 for the H-pipe... how off is that?
  12. except for the 05 GT's, I am not sure if the V6's are as picky?
  13. Guys,

    If you buy one of the Xcal2's from that Bamachips guy (or someone similar), I think they will reprogram your tuner for a nominal charge. It's not like you would have to spend $400 *every* time you added some new bolt-on items. I think these guys will redesign new tunes for your mods for around $20 … if you buy the original unit from them, of course! I agree with the Xcal2 being the best 1st item to buy. You get extra horses, plus elimination of the WOT delay (plus auto trans functions) right off the bat with the stock car. Then, you add a CAI and get the tuner reprogrammed for a twenty spot and get 10HP from the setup, rather than just 5HP or so from just the CAI. Same situation with the exhaust, manifolds, headers, etc. as you add them. You get the full effect of your mods for a modest extra program charge each time. I even think you can reprogram these devices yourself with a computer. I'm not 100% sure of this but I think many dealers will reprogram your Xcal2 for a small extra charge.

  14. I need to look into this. I thought the price was much higher like $80.
  15. I have a question regarding the conversion to duals for the V6...

    The stock setup had a balancer [weight] on the long run of pipe under the passenger side. That had to be removed to run the driver side pipe.

    For those of you who are running the x-pipe into the duals, did you have any issues with vibration? Did you re-use the weight anywhere on the exhaist to help reduce the vibration?

    We're having this issue and need some help. Thanks...
  16. I believe that balancer was added after March or April via a TSB to prevent one of the harmonic vibrations.. the one at 1500 I believe. Once the exhaust is changed its completely useless.

  17. I actually never knew about what your describing.. Of course mine was removed and I do not have any vibrations I have noticed since stock.. Nice job on pointing out this info.. I know my reply is not much help, but atleast I can report nothing of a vibration type exist..
  18. Thanks for the replies guys. I still have the vibration. It seems to be occurring at around 1700 RPM's. Guess we'll keep working the issue...