Attempted to get duals today...

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  1. Theres alot of nice things on that page.. Too bad there is no pic of the Pro-Chamber.. But that should be the same thing though.. Expensive huh?
  2. Ive been following this thread since its inception. The problem I see is that when you start looking for hp on a computer controlled engine, changing one paramater will always affect many or all other paramaters.

    MSP, I commend you for the work on your dual setup, but the shop didnt use mandrel bends on thier work. I question if your exhaust flows or has the ability to flow any better than the stock setup. It will only flow as much as the smallest restriction. Thats why an engineered system from a reputable company will almost always outperform some "hachet job" a local muffler shop can put together.

    Generally, when doing mods the rule of thumb has always been to work from the tailpipe foreward. I think most people modding the V6 will be satisifed with intake, exhaust, tuning. Just those basic mods will run somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000-1300. Thats a pretty big cash outlay for a gain of maybe 20hp at the wheels.

    Im also not convinced that the CAI's currently being offered are of much benefit. My previous car was a 03 Focus ZX3. The 2.0 zetec was rated at 130hp. The 2.0 SVT Focus was rated at 170hp. Both engines used the same air filter, the difference being that the SVT had a larger intake tube going into the airbox, and a larger MAF. I think our airbox flows plenty for the 4.0 and the better gains would be an improved tube from the airbox to the TB.

    My only mod so far is GT rims/tires. If I can I will dyno my car stock. The only mods I plan are 3.73 gears, T-lok, exhaust, tune.

    Im useing the 3.73's because I already have the gears, Im only going with a tune because I need the speedo calibration. Im keeping my car on regular gas. If someone comes up with a better intake tube I will replace that, but I dont care for a CAI.
  3. Today I was supposed to get the exhaust on. It did not happen. Instead, I had an adventure that took me all over northwest Wyoming/ Southern Idaho. :notnice:

    I showed up at the fabrication shop that was going to to the welding. I sit around for 15 mins or so, when the mechanic calls me into the garage. He then procedes to show me that I ordered the wrong muffler (I got offset/center, we need offset/offset or the tip doesn't match up with the notch in the bumper). He then tells me that he can't make the bend above the axle for the second pipe. So, basically, I'm SOL.

    I make it home, and then procede to call every exhaust shop within 100 miles to see if they sell flowmaster. A midas in Idaho Falls says that not only do they have the mufflers, but they can install it today. I make the drive over there, only to be told that not only they can NOT do the install today, but they don't even carry Flowmaster. They are also out of their performance muffler ("Ravin'"). Also, even if they did have the stuff, they won't use any of the parts i brought, such as the X pipe. I go outside, and call another muffler shop 50 miles down the road. They sell magnaflow and flowmaster (seeing a trend here?). I arrive there, and am informed that they do indeed have the mufflers, but will not sell them to me, nor will they be able to install them. Long story a little shorter, I wind up going to 4 muffler shops who all do not carry the offset/offset i needed. So I am now the proud owner of two Magnaflow 2.5" mufflers. Ugh.

  4. Ok guys, I know I am not part of you "4.0" group. But I was just browsing around this forum and read everything here, and I must say its very interesting. You guys seem to know your stuff well. Hey the way i see it is we are all V6 owners constantly being underminded by the V8 bozo's, :D . But yeah, my only question is that why is it that True Duals on pre 05 Mustangs seemed to work rather well. I have True duals, and it was much more impressive than the stock exhaust or H-Pipes (not sure about the X-Pipe though) and sounds so much better. I make heads turn all the time. And I am always getting people back off of races as soon as they hear it at full revs, and always get compliments from everyone on the way it sounds, plus it has a nice very low rumble. So just a question which can hopefully be answered.
  5. Duals

    I have been considering a new dual exhaust but I really don't know much about it. I want the look and a throatier sound but I don't expect to really get anything out of it as far as HP. I was just wondering how far you can go without voiding the warranty? I've seen a V6-GT conversion kit that includes GT mufflers and the pipes/splitter. If this is a GT exhaust would that still void the warranty?