Attempted to get duals today...

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  1. Now it appears this thread will truley be awsome in the end! LOL!!

    Great, so yes try yours 3 feet further back...

    I'll attempt the sound file later on today.. Sunday.

  2. I am using 2.5" pipe or stock pipe all the way back to the mufflers..

    I think it should be stated that I am using 2 FlowMaster Dual-Chamber Mufflers.. So while my car has an awsome rumble, it could be louder..

    Also, did I mention that my car does sound like a Nascar on the freeway if I downshift to 3rd gear @ 60MPH or higher? LOL!!

    You guys have no idea how many heads turn when my car comes screamin by! LOL!! I will say, that X-Pipes are the spice of life.. You just cant replace the feeling you get when your Mustang sounds like a Nascar.. Nothing comes close to that feeling!! LOL!!

  3. Option Number 2 is the one I had installed!!

    Thats great work there finding that item Echo7.. When are you going to get it installed my man?

    I am looking forward to your 3ft back results!

    Hopefully our instructor NJStangPilot will ring in and give us more feedback on his thoughts in regards to the logical theory of placement... Also, anyone else who would like to help us along our journey, please feel free to give us your thoughts or opinions!! Thanks guys!

    Also Echo7, I like the way option number 1 looks as well.. It looks like it may flow alittle better maybe.. You could try it.. Although I think the Magnaflow part sounds awsome...You cant do better with 2 Chambers i dont think.. I am considering converting to single chamber...


    If I were to remove the mufflers all together, what would be the drawback to just running with the CATS as my mufflers?
  4. Whats really important at this point Echo7, is for me to get dyno'd... I am considering also getting the JBA headers real soon.. But thats in a few weeks.. First I must get done a few things..

    1. Install a K&N Airfilter

    2. Get Dyno'd- So I will know how these small changes effect the car..

    3. Possibly go all out, and get mufflers removed all-together, using CATS as the only muffle device... This will happen next weekend, If positve feedback finds its way into this thread in regards to it..

    What I may do, is get the dual chamber FlowMasters removed for a week running no mufflers at all.. If I dont like the result, I will have the single chamber mufflers installed..
  5. It should also be stated Echo7, that the ebay seller of part number 2 is overcharging for the part.. Remember, I got mine purchased and installed for $100.00 bucks US...

    Installation took 1.5Hrs.

    So maybe you should see if the muffler shop you are going to can get the part for you.. So he can quote you a price installed...

    However, I believe the seller is aware of the Nascar sound, and is trying to overcharge for it.. LOL!!
  6. MSP,

    Can you tell me exactly what you have for your exhaust system starting from the front to the back? I would love to have the same setup that you have created so i can too turn heads and get that jolt of power.

    thank you :hail2:

  7. @ALL

    Just purchased a mic for my Sony Laptop. Surprisingly, it didnt have one built in..


    I basically started my mod after the cats.. I went true dual from the seperated cats.. I then added this X-PIPE

    Then it rounds out with 2 chamber FlowMaster mufflers..

    I am not finished yet though.. Please understand, that the purpose of this thread is to perfect the best exhaust for the 05 V6.. I still dont consider us done, until Dyno work has been completed.. I may yet totally remove the mufflers.. Not sure yet.. I must get Dyno'd with and without the mufflers, to feel satisfied.. So I am still working on the end product..
  8. alright!!! Awesome! hella-cool!!
    I have the take off GT muffler passenger side installed and now you have me itching to get the second installed, problem is as I said earlier somewhere, when I called a shop they werent interested in doing it, so I have to find another shop....
    I am sorry MSP but I cant remember if you have said what you did with the rear valance. Did you get a GT takeoff or modify the orginal V-6?
  9. Hey kevins05v-6!! Wondered where you went after the big crash..

    Anyways, I just lowered both the mufflers to the same level.. You cant even tell really, looking at the car from a slight distance.. Looks kool!..


    Having a problem with the mic gain.. How far back should I set the laptop?
  10. Hello there MSP
    I;ve been following your work with the exhaust and was wondering. I know from reading that you are using the 2.5" pipes as that is what the stock size is. I too am planning the same. I already have the GT takeoff mufflers and pipes. I've cut out the notch in the rear bumper so that the muffler will fit the same on both sides.

    You said at first that you lost alot of power after intalling the duel exhaust. Then you added an X-pipe and now you are saying that you have a nice jolt at the highter RPM range. what about the low to mid RPM range? Are you now back to what you had before you started? Worse or about the same as before you changed your exhaust?

    As my debate is should I use an X-pipe, a H-Pipe or a reverse Y? looking forward to your responce.

    Would like to hear from other people about their opinion as well!

  11. Low end power is good.. I would say slightly less going from a complete stop.. I actually find this better, because it promotes less tire spin.. Basically, I can go from a stop with more control, but by the time I get to 3500 RPM the ball game is over, because I get a real head snapper.. So I would say my 60ft. time would be more improved because of less tire spin.. And my 100ft time would be better, because of more HP.. Hope this helps.. Keep in mind, I still have good low end power.. Its just that my high end is much much better..
  12. I think i'm going to go with that 1st one, not the magnaflow version. I have no idea when i would be able to get to shop though, lol, just need to get off my butt and do it. Maybe i'll buy that xpipe tonight to make myself do it. :D
  13. Okay, bought it, and paid for, hopefully ships out tommrow (monday). My only hopes of problems that i dont run into are

    1. No power gain from putting it in the existing Y pipe spot

    2. No power gain from using a product that seems to have more volume inside versus MSP's magna's

    3. Not finding a shop to do the work. (happened once already)

    I'm HOPING to get either the same or better results, possibly a different curve of torque and horsepower compared to MSP's. Wish me luck, i'm going for the cheaper one and prolly going to get screwed on it :D

  14. No worries echo7.. We will re-work this deal 100 times or so over the next 1 to 2 years.. The main thing is, you have tried a different variety.. Sometimes, its hard to find the best, when everyone does the same thing, using the same parts.. You have actually made me quite proud! LOL!! Atleast I have made 1 buddy who I can compare notes with.. It also appears there are a few more who may take the plunge soon..

    Bottom line, is I need to get dyno'd.. This is an absolute must.. I have not uploaded the sound yet, because I am still getting too much distortion from my laptop setup.. I'll keep working on it though..
  15. if your getting distortion, your mic volume might be to high, picking up to much sound, try lowering it, or putting the mic farther away.
  16. Sorry I’ve been away for the weekend. I live 1 mile from work so never bothered paying $45/month for internet service (dial-up not an option). The connection at work is like 3X cable speed, so I post during lunch/breaks/afterhours. Plus, I don’t want to waste my weekends on the computer.



    Glad to see that you matched and exceeded the original performance of the stock exhaust. I figured the X-pipe was worth a try. With 6 cylinders, connecting both banks is probably critical. A V8 has 4 cylinders per side (bank) which means one exhaust pulse every cycle, thus each bank is somewhat timed/tuned all by itself. A 6 cylinder is a trickier arrangement because you have only 3 exhaust pulses in 4 cycles. In order to have at least one pulse every cycle (to scavenge the next) you have to connect both banks.

    I am curious what the effect would have been if you installed near the original Y junction. I’m guessing more low end power and slightly less high end than your seeing. I’m thinking this because the further the connection point is from the cylinders, the faster the pulse velocity has to be before it passes the junction and generates a vacuum in another primary (the exhaust valve opening (timing) is set and can’t “wait” for the previous exhaust pulse to “catch up”). Also, by lengthening the distance to the junction, you increase the volume between the cylinder head and X junction, making it harder to generate an efficient vacuum at low flow (rpm).

    I believe the results you are seeing are due to two factors/conditions.

    1) The X-pipe is joining both banks of cylinders and allowing *at least* 1 exhaust pulse to flow (and create vacuum) every “stroke” of the engine. (some strokes get 2 pulses). Also, the overall reduction in backpressure is helping the performance of the engine.

    2) The “hit” you describe at 3500 rpm is probably due to the placement of the X-pipe. I believe that the farther the junction is from the cylinder head, the greater the rpms (exhaust velocity) have to be to achieve efficient scavenging (for the aforementioned reasons).

    Please note: I’m definitely not an expert on exhaust systems (or engines) by any means. I’m just Biotechnology Scientist with an interest in all things mechanical (that make power/noise), applying a bit of deductive reasoning and common sense to what I’ve researched and read on this subject.
  17. So, you think if i go with mine and put it at the Y junction that the jolt will be at a higher rpm, wouldnt that be bad, especially from a dead stop, having to wait till 30+mph to get some umph.
  18. I must have read his post wrong, I thought he said theopposite that the jolt would be at lower rpms, I think I will go re-read it..