Attempted to get duals today...

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  1. Echo,

    No, I think the opposite will be true. That is, (I believe) the power surge will occur at lower rpms with the X-pipe closer to the original Y-junction. As I understood MSP's posts, he installed the X-pipe further from the CATS than the original Y was located. I believe the torque increase will occur at higher rpms the further from the headers it is located (at least in a V6 engine) and vice-versa. Lower rpms = lower velocity, so in order to have the first pulse pass the junction just before another cylinder’s exhaust valve opens, you need the distance to that junction shorter.

    Distance = velocity x time

    Since the time between “strokes” is constant, lower velocity = less distance. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this well (or even if I’m correct), but X-pipe closer to the cats should give the torque increase lower in the rpm range and vice-versa for further away.

    A V8 has 4 cylinders per side, so the Left/Right timing isn't as critical as with a V6. Each bank (side) can be "tuned" independently.
  2. It thought MSP's was closer than the Y pipe?
  3. Echo7 have you found a shop to do your duels yet??
    I havent looked since the first one said no, hell I may goto meinekie or someplace like that..I dunno :shrug:
  4. I think I've found a place, have to find their number, call them and see what they say. Hopefully they won't be scared of "being to close to the fuel fill line"
  5. HOLD ON…

    Where exactly IS the original Y pipe? I don’t have my car yet so I can’t tell what everything looks like under the car. Usually, the 2-into-1 junction is located right after the headers/CATS (i.e. as soon as possible) on a single exhaust system. Is the original Y junction located 3 feet from the headers/CATS??

    I figured that the sooner the two sides come together, the better it is for low end power. I could be 100% wrong about this. A hit at 4800 rpms is pretty high on the rpm scale. Has anyone contacted an exhaust company to ask how X pipe placement affects the torque curve?

    Even still, I assume the engineers placed the y junction where they did for a reason, if I was modding my car I would put it here as well unless I had a good reason not to. I would ask an exhaust specialist before installation (I am NOT an exhaust specialist)
  6. Hey guys, was real busy on Monday.. Busy today to... But I will quickley clearup some things so NJStangPilot has more to chew on for us..

    I have my X-PIPE placed right after the CATS on the first turn inwards towards the middle of the car.. So from the cats, on both sides there is a piece of pipe.. It runs for about 12 to 18 inches, then bends inwards towards the driveshaft, placing the dual exhaust running parallel with the drive shaft..

    My X-PIPE is at the closest point in which it can be placed.. So perhaps it is placed where the original Y was located...??
  7. echo7

    This is what I suggest.. I believe 3ft is too much.. Based on NJStangPilots theory, you may lose too much velocity placing it back that far..

    Try this.. Measure 12 to 18 inches back from the curve in from the cats.. When you look at the cats, the pipe on the back of them makes a turn towards the center of the car.. My xpipe is placed at that curve without any distance..

    You could start your measurement from that curve, then slide your xpipe 6 to 12 to 18 inches out from there.. I would suggest 8 inces from the curve.. This would vay our arrangement..

    I will attempt the sound file again later today.. Also, I will try and find a dyno shop... Talk later..

    LOL! You guys got me excited!! we have a damn good thread going here.. Keep up the good work guys!!
  8. Yeah, when I looked at the pics of yours, then looked at my Y, I noticed that your X is only maybe a 6-10 inches closer to the cats than the original Y. Ford didn't put as close as possible, but somewhat close, maybe I'll go snap some pics later today of the Y from the side.
  9. Found this...

    "This is particularly true, he tells us, with the Dr. Gas pipe, which has its X located farther forward than its competitors. "You do have to tune for the air/fuel ratio," Paul says, "and of course it depends on where the X is. The closer the X is to the heat [of the exhaust port], the better it works for the scavenging effect.""

  10. Very nice work Echo7!! So this means I need to get my air/fuel ratio adjusted.. I'll look into that right now! Thanks man..

    The shop I found to dyno my car, says it will cost $130 bucks.. The price is because they use a "Water Brake", which is more accurate..

    The other shop wanted $75 bucks.. They dont use the water brake, just a wheel with straps.. I'll go for the $130 for the best measurement..

    When I say wheel, of course I mean the roller..
  11. Its also interesting how the article states that the XPIPE works better the higher the rpm's produced.. Which goes a long way to help explain the jolt of power I am experiencing..

    In regards to my dual chamber mufflers, I think I will keep them... The sound of my cars acceleration is so beautiful.. I dont really desire to give that up.. Also, by going single chamber, I will again lose more back pressure and torque.. I like my cars response right now, as well as the sound at idle, and while accelerating, and while at speed on the freeway..
  12. Guys,
    All this talk about the duals is making me excited and wanting me to get em too. I found this website of the other forum:

    I called an talked to the guy today, and he quoted me a price of $1150 for a combined kit off GT front bumper with grill and fogs, GT rear bumper, GT Muffler, Side Rocker skirts, and 17 inch Bullet wheels with Pirrelli tires. Sorry for being a little off topic, but you guys are having a great conversation. Just wanted to get your thoughts regarding this deal.

    Also, for those who have installed the duals, have you switched to the GT bumper or cut out a piece off the current bumper cover? And what have youd done about the hangers for the left side?
    Once again, sorry to be a little off topic, but this has been a great conversation and I am learning quite a bit.
  13. I bought my takeoff seat covers from Mike at Casco, he is great to deal with.

  14. I must say, that sure is a pretty Mustang you have there.. Welcome to our little discussion.. In regards to the part list you have submitted, I find the price for all those parts an absolute steal.. I'm not sure of the prices of the parts stock, but that sure seems like a low price for all that.. I say go for it!!
  15. Does seem low, lets say 500 for tires/rims, 100 exhuast, 200 each bumper, 150 grill, 200 both skirts (all are estimated Ebay prices) = $1350 (i may be off on some a bit, i know my v6 bumper cost 400, and the GT's are double, but thats from ford...)
  16. MSP, as for my plans, i have found a shop (location wise) and will try to contact them sometime. Then when i get the O.K. my plan is to try to get pics when its first up, then after its done, having the X installed as far forward as possible. I'm also still looking into what pipe i should have coming out of the X, becuase that one article uped the pipe size to the mufflers to help with back pressure, and i'm wondering what would happen if i tried it on mine.
  17. Ok guys I went with the Reverse Y set up for my duels. I left the front Y pipe completely stock, added a reverse Y behind it and now love the new sound and I have a nice kick in power all the way through mid to upper powerband, while the lower end seems to be the same. I cut my own bumper using a template I made of the passenger side, then transfered it over to the drivers side and used a dremal tool to make the cut in the bumper. Thanks for your imputs.

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  18. looks great! you did a great job with the dremal! :nice:
  19. heres my duals, MAGNAFLOW, I cut the bumper with a jigsaw and sanded it to a finish it looks good, mufflers sound great also, its a Y pipe to add.
  20. My goodness Guys!! This thread has got some real talent!! I sure wish we all lived closer!.. We would have one hell of a 4.0 Mustang Club! We gotta stick together guys.. I know some of us get busy during the week, but I am damn proud to have met everyone who has posted in this thread thus far!!

    To both the new guys, you guys both rock! LOL!! Way to go fellas!! :D