Attention 1996 Mystic Owners Past and Present! Need your help


New Member
Jan 5, 2020
Kennett Square Pa
The Mystic Cobra Owners Association and registry is working hard to collect as much data and information history etc as we approach the 25th Anniversary of the 1996 Mystic Cobra. (

What we are looking for!
1. Any Mystic Cobra Owners who aren’t already listed in our database!

2. Any interesting Mystic or SN 95 documents dealer notes, internal memos that mention Mystics (copies are great). I’m sure someone has something somewhere

3. Any previous owners of a mystics who may have details on their car still Vin and or Mystic number, we need as much info to try to fill in the gaps only have about 300 of 2000 accounted for!

4. Wrecked cars parts cars info etc?

5. Know of a mystic owner who isn’t on Facebook please ask for their info or I can give you my email address and have them reach out!

The original mystic registry was tragically lost a few years ago we have been trying to rebuild it so if you have previously had your car listed on a site please make sure we still have your info.
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