Attention all 03-04 cobra owners..

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  1. Hello all,
    I picked up my '04 vert yesterday and couldn't help but notice that the wheel weights were mounted on the outside of the rims. Just to confirm, I checked the remainder of the cobras in the lot, and they were all that way. After talking with the sales manager, he informed me that that's the way they are built at Ford Motor Company here in Dearborn, MI. I must ask, does everyone have this issue? I can't understand why a $42000 sports car would have the weights mounted on the outside of the rim. When I purchased my cobra R wheels for my other stang, they were careful not to mount them on the outside. I can probably live with it, though the dealership said they'd be more than happy to reverse them for me, though I do worry about balance issues if they're messed with (never quite the same from the factory). What do you suggest? What a pain in the a**.
    Also, my cobra is an '04 but was manufactured in September of '03 and sat for almost a year before it was purchased (by me). When I went to pick it up last night, I was extremely disappointed by the way it was presented to me (the car was not only dirty, the interior had a piece of molding stuck in the passenger door, which left an imprint on the door itself. I refused to take it home like that, so I made them clean it up, though it still needs some work. My '00 still looks cleaner and that was over a week ago when I cleaned it. Sorry to vent, but the last thing I wanted to ask was, what would all of you have done? I told the sales manager he's replacing the entire rear bumper cover next week since there's a dull spot that won't come out and some touch up paint on it as well. What a crock of ! Also, I may have the passenger door molding replaced. Thanks for all the recs to everyone, other than my beef with the cosmetic stuff, the car is a rocket on wheels-
  2. Mike,

    Don't sweat it, but that's just the way Ford balances their wheels at the factory. I believe the wheels are balanced completely by machine with little to no human envolvement. Any other way would be cost prohibitive in a factory environment. So to answer your first question, yup! We all got wheels just like yours with the weights on the outside lip!
    As for the passenger door... there is a TSB about the passenger seat rubbing & squeeking against the passenger door panel. There is a fix for this and they should have know it.
    Delivering you a dirty snake was not right either. SVT vehicles are supposed to get a little better treatment compared to the rest of the Ford line up. I sure hope the service department does better work than the guys prepping their new vehicles!

  3. ..noooo

    hey man that sucks but dont bother changing them because then the scratches in your wheels where they used to be will bother you more..

    I wanted two extra wheels for Drag radials and ended up ordering four just because I also wanted to switch to BFG G Forces all around for street use and didnt want any marks on the wheels from the mounting machines.. SO I ordered four more wheels and tirerack mounted them for me with the weights inside.
  4. I told my dealer not to touch my car, I'd do all the cleaning myself. But the car wasn't dirty tho, it was kept in the showroom & I was (supposedly) the first to drive it.

    My wheel weights are the same. It was the same on my '01 also.
  5. What did they do to the exhaust?

    When I bought this car I expected it to sound a hell of a lot more aggressive than it does. What did they do to the 04's?? Any suggestions on what to do for the exhaust system? What should I mod first?
    I guess I'll live with the wheel weights on the outside. You're right when you say there may be scratches on the wheels if the weights are taken off and mounted internally, I'd rather not risk it. Ford should still be able to design them so they're mounted at the factory on the inside when in production. A couple of other things...
    I just noticed some strange noise in 2nd and 3rd gear at about 15-20 MPH, sounds like something is vibrating, almost a grinding noise, but definitely does not sound good. Any ideas? And...found out this weekend my cruise control doesn't work. I think I'll just take the car in and leave it for a few days until they decide if they want to keep it or get it right this time. I'm making a correction list tomorrow.
    Does anyone know if we are entitled to free loaners when we take our SVTs in for work? I saw this in the SVT manual this weekend, hopefully it's legit. But thanks for the tips, I didn't think anyone was going to reply. BTW UM, love the vids, your ride kicks a**.
  6. Yes, take it in and make them fix all the problems you're finding. Not sure on the grinding noise you're hearing... but 15-20 MPH in 3rd gear is really lugging the engine. Did you know that the drive line in these Cobras are full of slop and you will hear clunking from it when you get off and on the gas.

    As for a loaner... you are supposed to get one whenever your car is kept for more than a day.

    As for exhaust on your new snake.... please do a search because it's been discussed a few hundred times already.


  7. Your entitled to free loaners. And that grinding noise I attribute to the very beefy trasmission with thick gears. You'll hear a lot of clunking too until the car is very broken in.
  8. I did notice quite a bit of clunking, especially when I just touch the gas, then let off, etc etc, sounds loose, but I guess this is normal from what I've heard. The car is going in on Thursday. I know there's been a ton of exhaust questions in the forum, just wanted to get your opinion U.M.
  9. $42,000? :scratch: :crazy: :stick:
  10. $42K after taxes-

    I paid 35K

  11. I had the dealer take the weights off the rim and put stick on weights on the inner part of the rims. Looks better and they removed the weights without any scratches on the chrome rims.