~attention~our fav mod ~FrankenStang~

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  1. Mother of God, the hatch on those things is hideous!
  2. :stupid:
  3. Not a big fan of Capris, but that one is damn clean.
  4. It needs a regular hatch with the old three peice spoiler, and the other better looking Capri rear. Then it would be a great looking car.:nice:
  5. I dunno, I kind of like it. Am I the only one?
  6. Nice car but the back end is god awful ugly!!
  7. its def different, but i like it. it was even cleaner that the pic shows. it should of been in the show instead of the parking lot! :nonono:
  8. Hatch is terrible on them, but the rest of them is nice looking.
  9. Capris suck

    j/k :D
  10. I love the Capris....especially the bubble hatch and funny tail lights. It just sets them apart from the Mustang even more.
  11. Great car, but I'm not big on the tails.
  12. :stupid:....capris are the ugliest cars i have ever seen
  13. :rolleyes:

    .... aaaaaaaaaanyway, yeah, I'm not a fan of teh bubble hatch but, that is one nice Capri. :drool:
  14. there is a guy here in town with a capri vert, never drives it and when he does he ****es about the batter going dead. was trying to sell it at one time...
  15. anyone else notice all the other mustangs in the pics...and they look random not like it was a mustang meet or anything
  16. I'll be a freak and just admit that I like the bubble hatches and those tail lenses, anyhow.

    *looks away and whistles innocently while Frankenstang steals the front-end from that Capri*

  17. Done. Lets roll! :banana:

  18. Fave mod????