~attention~our fav mod ~FrankenStang~

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  1. you know she has a heavy hand w/ the ban stick. so no reason not to get on her good side for when i act up. :grouphug:

    they were both taken at mustang week, its just i had to park so far out.:nonono:
  2. BOOBS, duh... What'd you expect? :rolleyes:

  3. and see i was trying to keep it clean. but she got me.....:rolleyes:

    its the boobs, its always the boobs
  4. Mustang5L5 has a nice pair o' bewbies on her, too...

  5. I of course love the car and the bubble.

    These cars just need the ASC rear wing to give it a better look.

    I wouldn't trade my car for a mustang anyday.
    Wait I have a mustang too...oh well..LOL

    In all serioiusness, the bubble is a hate it or love it kinda back end.
    I love it, as it sets it apart from a mustang. Plus the rear wing does it for me.

  6. +1

    The bubble hatch glass and the tail lenses, in addition to the front end and hood, are what help keep the Capri from simply being a rebadged Mustang. It's like the difference between a Crown Victoria and a Grand Marquis as opposed to a Crown Vic and a Town Car - all three are mechanically identical, but only the Town Car stands out visually as being quite different from the Crown Vic. (The Grand Marquis, especially the later models, only have ever-so-slightly different tail lenses and grilles than the CV.)
  7. Alright, your bubble ass looks good. :drool:
  8. I love female bubble butt's! But the female apple butt rulzes!!:drool:!!!!!
  9. that is def a sweet looking capri:nice:
  10. You need to replace the stock pea shooters.
  11. Your car pulls it off better and the little wing makes a huge difference :nice:
  12. Never even heard of one before. I drove an ASC Mustang before but I thought it wasnt till after 85 that they did anything with Ford..... or is that Saleen :scratch:
  13. its definitely on my list...but I am in no rush right now. :nice:
  14. The new rims look great man.

    And yes, bubbles suck (clicky teh sig). Please send them my way and I'll dispose of properly..........:nice:.........:D