Attn. all mods.,

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  1. I have been relocated and don't remember my password. I would loke to restore my settings and posts if possible but I don't know how.
    All :hail2: :SNSign: :D

    I can pm any personal info needed. User name was cryptic.
  2. I copied this thread into the staff forum. Hopefully one of the admins will be able to hook you up.

  3. Thanks Meat,

  4. You should have received an email with a new password.
  5. Your original password was reset and you were sent an email to the address we have on file for your original account. Did you not receive it???

  6. OK, working on it further. We've got this information posted in the Staff area.
  7. Since I posted in here, am I mod too? :banana:
  8. Hi-jaker cracker.

  9. Joe/cryptic - 4u2nv and myself have forwarded all of your requests into the "Staff" area and like you we are awaiting notification from an Admin that ANOTHER reset password has been emailed. (4u2nv and I are only moderators and we are incapable of resetting passwords ourselves)

    Sometimes these things take a little while.... if you had told us initially that your original email address was no longer valid and you had a new one this would have been over and done by now....

    Please be patient...

  10. Comunication break,

    My wording may have been misleading, I appreciate your help and understand that these things take time.
  11. You should have received a message regarding the fix.