ATTN Carlisle participants

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  1. I know its early in the year to be talking about carlisle but I have been taliking to Charlie about getting rooms at the Marriott Residence Inn. This hotel is like 5min from the fairgroonds. As of now we will be needing six rooms. In order to get a group rate we will need to book ten rooms. So if you are interested in this, PM me or just respond in this post.
    Paul, Charlie's informed me your a go?

    IN as of now.
    Charlie (onebad95)
    Paul (Killercanary)
    Rich (95opal)
    Tom (69clark)
    Joe from the 05 section
    Jay & nicole
  2. Count me and Katie in.

    I was actually going to start this thread up in December Rich, you beat me too it. I think we need to invite the other forums as well. The fox and mod guys have bigger numbers and we can get the group tent from carlisle if we get 20 ppl.
  3. Ryan, I hear ya about the tent thing but my main concern is getting the room situation taken care of as this hotel books up fast and early. I dont want to track down members from other sections for the rooms, as us 94-95 guys are a pretty tight group when we role out to Carlisle. I just need to know who wants inn on the hotel.
  4. thats perfectly fine. We can defienately keep the rooming situation under here, but for the show we need to branch out. I really don't want to try and all crowd under Troy's tent especially if we get more people this year.

    PM or call me with the details when you have them.
  5. When is this happening?
  6. Ha, damn, has it been a year already?! I remember a thread like this not too long ago. I thought maybe there was a show before that one. It must get really packed for you guys to be preparing for it already.
  7. I'm in Rich. Molly will be 9 month's pregnant by then, but she told me I can go. I'm not sure if she will come or not but I'll try to find out tonight.
  8. As Rich said, I'm in. When is it, next weekend? lol
  9. Count me in :nice:

    my car will hopefully have gone through alot more changes by then

  10. WTF.. Did I read that right. Congrats Paul I didnt know you guys were expecting. By my calculations this is recent? Well anyway Congrats again and I will give you a call this evening.

    Sounds good Dan, I havent seen you on the boards much. Whats left to get done on the HC swap? You have 7 months so I have no doubt that it will be finished in time. Like Paul I will call you tonight also.
  11. count me in i had as much fun at the hotel with you guys as i did at the show.
  12. Yeah, actually probably more because it was so damn hot last year during the day.
  13. Just make sure you bring the svo so I can put a new england style whoopin on that thing with the 05'

    Ladies and Gentleman place your bets. If this was pinks troy would be asking for 15 cars.

  14. I've been pretty busy with work, been working 6 days a week most weeks now, so I barely have time to think these days.

    The head swap is done, I'd say by the butt dyno it's making in the neighborhood of 315-320rwhp. I ran out of time getting things buttoned up, mainly because of wrecking the car the day after I got the swap done, so I didn't get a chance to get it out to SGS for a tune, but that'll be coming in the early spring, I'm hoping it'll make a little north of 340rwhp or so once tuned. I picked up an anderson power pipe, battery relocation kit, and a couple other things that are sitting around waiting to go on. I'm planning to do some interior upgrades like Autometer C2 gauges under the radio and in a triple pillar, then some shift/e-brake boots, repaint the bezels, and I've been thinking of doing an MM roll bar to help make up for my inability to run sfc's with the side exhaust. I've also been contemplating a Holley systemax upper and lower before the tune, but we'll see how things play out :nice:
  15. Sweet Dan! I must have missed it but what did you do to the car that has you hoping for 340rwhp? Did you put a stroker in it?
  16. I may be hoping a bit too high, but here's how my car stands as far as power upgrades:

    - Crane 2031
    - Holley Systemax Heads w/ triple valve springs
    - Trick Flow hardened pushrods
    - Heavily CNC Ported Lower Cobra Intake
    - 75mm Pro Products TB
    - 76mm C&L MAF (w/ 30lb sampling tube)
    - Anderson NA PowerPipe
    - K&N Filter
    - 30lb injectors
    - Comp Cams Lifters
    - Jet Hot MAC Longtubes
    - Off Road X
    - Stingers/side exhaust (can't think of any exhaust with better flow than this lol)

    And a couple little things like a smog delete and I'm gonna probably throw on a set of underdrives.

    I dunno if the list above will get me where I'm wanting to be, that's why I'm considering the Systemax upper and lower :shrug:
  17. Congrats on number 2 Paul!!
  18. Dan, that sounds like a nice combo. My dad runs holley heads on his 91GT that have been ported by FTI and they can flow some decent air with the right massaging. I hope you hit your goals, but without some changes I think you will fall short. Getting over 310rwhp in a 94-95 with a HCI package isn't an easy task with a stock shortblock in a streetable form. Good luck though!

    Ryan and Rich- Thanks!
  19. Count me in! :nice: I won't know if my brother is coming with till later.

    Congrats paul.:nice: