ATTN Carlisle participants

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  1. Ryan, I believe Troy and I registered with our local stang site's name since they were within a few people of getting a tent. I could be wrong about Troy though.
  2. yes i did under steel city , they already paid for a tent and are real close to having enough to get it for free.i will still bring my tent .
  3. is it worth it then to get everyone to put in stangnet?
  4. sign up under steel city stangs that will make sure we have enough for that tent
  5. bump :D

    who's going and when?

    i'm sooo excited for this year. Me and the now Fiance will be staying all three days.
  6. sucks, i didnt realize it was in a week and a half... looks like ill be planning for next year
  7. 1st off congrats on the new engagement!

    I "plan" to head out early Friday morning IF I have the car done. I haven't painted the roll bar yet nor have a cut the carpet to fit. I also want to fix my stereo as it hasn't worked right since I had the roll bar put in. I hoped to have a lot more done but alas there is no way I'll have time to do anything else.
  8. Anyone wanna help me wrap my turd up?
  9. thanks Paul. how's the wife/baby? call me when you get up there.

    if the 95 isn't done, you could always just fall back on the 94 :rolleyes:
  10. no that won't work either his 94 is in worse hape than the 95 ask me how i know :D
  11. which car are you bring this year Troy? Tom told me he is going to bring the pace car this year. maybe photo shoot with the pace car and the svo?
  12. as of right now i'm bringing the yellow one if its done i have about 3 things that need done if not i'll bring the svo all it needs is the battery charged
  13. you won't bring the svo, because your scared of the 05 from New Hampshire

  14. Anyone have details of the event? I have never been. Do we park our cars close to each other at the event? Considering there will prolly be 1000 grease monkeys with toolboxes and our current economy, how do I know my car wont be on jackstands when I get back to it? :shrug: Just curious. :shrug:
  15. If you get there early enough you can, but the later you arrive the less room you have to work with. If you lock your vehicle you should be ok, its not easy to use jack stands on grass.:rolleyes:

    I really wish I could go again this year but Iam waiting on a bearing and gear install for my new rearend. And also My oil pressure is slowly dropping, went from 35 psi a few months ago to 22 psi the other day after a 55 mile drive, (Readings in gear at idle) luckly to runs 39(warm)psi-60(cold) psi at cruising speed.

    but maybe next year I'll have a new engine and will be able to make the trip.:flag:
  16. you park ni what ever class you end up being in and we hang out by someones car last year it was mine cause i had a tent . your car will be fine just lock it up when you are not close
  17. Thanks guys. Just curious. :)

  18. New update! I am thrashing on the cobra and waiting for parts right now. The plan is I am bringing both the Pace Car and the Cobra. Cross your fingers, we'll see what happens.