ATTN Carlisle participants

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  1. LOL! I just called it a night myself from working on the car. Right now there is no interior plastic, seats, seat belts, carpet, etc in the car. Troy and his buddy Rich are going to help me build a fiberglass enclosure tomorrow for my '95 and then I get to start getting the rest of the roll bar ready for paint on monday. As usual, I'll be thrashing right up until friday. You should see my '94... its in WAY worse shape as it doesn't even have a driveline in it anymore. :(

    I can't wait to see both cars Tom!

  2. Your worse than me Paul. No drivetrain in the 94.... ?
  3. does that mean you are bring the 05 instead of the 95? damn, i really wanted to see that thing in person.
  4. looks like im not going.... have a job now... no time to get the car finished... another week or 2 on mine atleast...
  5. congrats on the job Adam! does that mean not at all or just not with the car?
  6. they put me on friday saturday and sunday :mad:
  7. I just got done with another late night of thrashing. I hope to prep and paint the roll bar tomorrow. I've spent countless hours polishing it and I can only hope that the clear I'm going to use works as advertised. I'm going to apply POR15 Glisten PC to it and hope it retains the polished look. I then have to re-install all of the interior, cut the carpet to fit the roll bar, finish up the stereo install in the trunk, and wash/wax the car. Why do I do this to myself every year???

    Here's how the car looks at the moment...





  8. IT LOOKS GREAT! i have a littel less to do than you .
  9. i've been busting my ass the past month so it doesn't come down to the wire. even though i still have plenty of stuff to do clean up tomorrow night and then a good washing before leaving friday morning.

    lookin good so far Paul. I'm sure you'll get it finished.
  10. i had a great day my friend rich got my car all put back together today , but you'll have to wait til the show, to see all the new mods
  11. Yeah, I'm in the same boat as the rest of you. Last minute on the cobra and if something goes wrong or needs more fixing, it won't make it. Cross your fingers that everything works once back together.
  12. The trash bags may slow it down.
  13. this sucks, i really wish i planned ahead for this... i really would've like to have gone
  14. Tonight's update... I'm getting closer to being done.



  15. Paul the car looks great.
    Troy .........:rlaugh:

    Can't wait for new pics.:nice:
  16. that looks awesome Paul!
  17. Hey guys, haven't been around here much, but I'll be there. You guys are more than welcome to stop by the Steel City Stangs tent if you are there on Friday, I and Paul's local forum was able to get a free one for having like 36 members registered for the show.

    We will DEFINITELY have to do a photoshoot after the show one of the days! For those of us driving there Friday, we might have a detail party Saturday morning since it's supposed to rain all day friday :(
  18. Gonna be nice to meet up again Dan.

    Paul, I now I will be seeing you in a few hours, but that looks incredible!
  19. hey i'm home guys i had anothrer great time even with the rain on friday was good seeing all of you again i can'at wait til next year already
  20. Couldn't agree more :nice:

    We had a great drive home, far better than the trip there.

    I have a splitting headache from coming through 4 tunnels on the way home, for some reason my car always goes WOT in tunnels, can't figure out why :rolleyes: