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  1. nice Dan. i think you'll have to do some tuning to get rid of that.

    Pic thread coming soon!
  2. We got back in around 1:15. Made it home in just under 7 hours. It was cool seeing all you guys and the car's look mint. I have to say they were the nicest 94/95's there. So good showing for the stangnet boys. I don't know if I'm going next year, but you never know. I'm sure Paul, Troy, Rich and Tom will coake me into it. Oh yeah, and the new guy from American Muscle "Ryan". We all had fun hanging out at the hotel.

    One more thing for Rich 95Opal: Our 05' sounds bada**, so quit hating.:rlaugh:
  3. Indeed, pleasure meeting you for the first time, but i still would rather have seen the 95. We'll have to see about Epping.

    .....and technically, i've been on stangnet longer!
  4. you thinking of hitting up Epping this year? i MIGHT go up on the Saturday, but we'll see
  5. Charlie Im glad ya made it out there this year and congrats on the hardware. I know you werent expecting it and as for the 05 sounding bada$$....yes it really does sound like a$$ you are right about that lolol. Anyway i know your wondering what the hardware looks like so here it is.

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  6. figured id post here, didnt want to clog up the pic thread... but theres a company located in my area called Atlantic Coast Customs... supposedly he sells a replica if Cervini cowl hoods and spoilers... just wondering if anyone happen to stop by his booth up there(if he had one) and checked out his product in their passing? any help would be great fellas, his prices are pretty much the same as others out there(300ish)... would save a bunch on shipping if he was any good