ATTN: Counter-Strike players

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  1. anyone on the board that plays counter-strike feel free to come join me in my server. I keep it running 24/7 and play on it as often as I can.

    Name: Marquette University (pub)
    My CS name: ^MU^ Mighty Quinn

    please come and join me if u play. It's always fun to play against people you know.
  2. Just stopped playin about a month ago or so...but I'll try and hop on. I used to be CRAZY with AK or AWP. Too many hacks/and or people that accuse of hacking so I stopped playing and started SOCOMII.

    ^I still haven't figured out how to make pics show up on post...GRR^

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  3. I uninstalled my CS and DOD a few months back, but yea i wanna get back into it to chill with some Stangneters.

  4. You wouldn't happen to play SOF II under the same name (Mighty Quinn) would you?
  5. nope, never played SOFII sorry GP.