hey your pm box is full so ill leave you the message here........Do you still want me to come over tonight after i get off of work..and help you change your oil and LUBE everything else?
  2. :SNSign:
  3. what guys? im just helping her with her car..whats the:nice: &:SNSign: for?
  4. Most definitely. And don't forget your Batman suit. You forgot the mask last time you were here.
  5. bring the camera and get pics or vids lol
  6. And drive the Stang so we can play BAT MOBILE.
  7. I wont forget it....
  8. hey what the hell happened to my signature??
  9. Whatcha gonn a use to check that oil there buddy?
  10. :D I like that club
  11. I have a special dipstick......no seriously did stangnet take my sig off?? i cant see it can anyone?? I worked hard on it damnit!!
  12. They dissapear periodically.
  13. Oh yeah your CT is gone haha! FrankenStang lost hers too. Someone has it in for you 2 :)
  14. Remember she has enough miles to switch over to synthetic...always a great option after they're broken in.

    **sinks back behind couch with sneeky grin**
  15. GRRRRRRR.......No but seriously guys shes a MILF hunter just like us...but the trick to being in the club is that there are special initiations and requirments if you are a female and wanna join.....hehehehehe FRANKENSTANG should have read the fine print of the contract......really fine print.......you guys thing these..............are dots........they are really small words!!!!hahahahahahahahahaha.......:rlaugh:
  16. :lol:
    im sure this applies some how[​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  17. so is yours hoodstrype!!
  18. I love milf and cookies...
  19. Yea me too!! thats why i also have a Santa suit:D