1. Thats gay as hell. I knew someone was having their period. All the good threads are gone.
  2. Hey you guys are lucky we're in 5.0 Talk... 4.6 gets it worse :)

    Can't blame the moderators cause they're moderating :)
  3. thats why i switched from 4.6 to 5.0. This is where all th cool kids hang out!
  4. Oh do tell..what happened in 4.6??
  5. Nada... that's the reason for 5.0 Talk :nice:
  6. i heard that there was a new forum started by a few members pertaining to that subject
  7. the secret meeting place
  8. mmm secrets
  9. all my wonderful threads about boobs, touching boobs, and which boobs frankenstang would sqeeze are all gone
  10. This is boring now. Everyon has headed for the hills
  11. Strypalicious, did you get the memo? LOL There is a place, a GOOD place, waiting for you. LOLLLLLLLL
  12. ok maybe we should all make an agreement...we should post here during the work hours and at the secret location at night!!!...cause i dont wanna get fired before i quit!!
  13. no deal

    the last couple of day have been great. fasted days at work ever
    it cant end
    i will never go back to the way i was before:nonono:
  14. Sounds like a plan. LOL
  15. I say we let shallowreef in...
  16. i mean its hard enough not to get caught now, here with BCD'S posts...imagine an unedited forum.....holy crap ill probly end up doin jailtime!!.........

    yea shalllowreef....hes an animal as well with his pics!!
  17. [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  18. Agreed... I have teh same problem :nice:

  19. I only have 1 pic right now. I am fully clothed tho. I'm sorry. I will PM it to you anyway in hopes that you will find it in that big manly throbbing..............

    .......heart of yours and grant me membership anyway.:hail2: In turn, I will open the portal to our secret realm to you... DEAL? LOLLLLLLL:D
  20. Theres a secret realm? Im in.