Attn Mods! Please Explain!

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  1. I just went to MY classifieds account on here. Of coarse, my username is the SAME as my screen name on these forums. It shows I have had 2 ads in the past.

    One was from a supercharger I sold.

    The other is from a 1989 engine block, heads, etc. I DID NOT POST THIS!!! I would never use such vague terminology. Also, I always use proper punctuation. Says location to be in Ohio! Besides, I have never owned any '89 crap.

    WTF, over?
  2. Here is the ad ....

    "i have an 1989 h.o.roller block.block is in great condition .just needs rings and bearings. have matching h.o.heads.also have a set of 351 heads with rocker studs for sale.ha ... "

    He also posted this on another thing ...

    "im fairly close to cincinnati...i have a 89 roller block with matching h.o. heads complete."

    Has same CT, post count, signature as me ... so YES .. it IS my account!!!!

    No way someone could guess my password. :mad:
  3. Oh ... another thing to note ....

    It was posted in January of 2005. My CURRENT join date was a few months after that. BUT ... If you all will remember correctly ... we had a huge crash. I had an account here back before the crash and EVERYTHING got deleted. I had the same username & had to re-register and start all over.

    Even if this guy DID have an account before me ... I am worried that somehow he can just log back in and screw things up for me.
  4. *xfiles theme music*
  5. Link me to the actual ad page, please. I want to start from that angle.
  6. I'll look into it for you. Help remind me if you don't hear back by week's end.
  7. Aight. Thanks Tim.
  8. Justin, I always knew there was something shady about you. :p :rlaugh:

    Duncan, are you thinkin about the episode with Kathy Griffin and her pseudo twin, both driving Fiat 124 Spiders?

    The point of the post: Justin, I once had a situation on another board where I'd log in with my same old password and stuff and it logged me in as someone else. I couldn't get rid of it (log-out and back in, etc, to no avail). Something might have gotten cross-wired that way in your case too (especially if this was around the time of the Crash).

    With Hounddog Tim on the scent, it will be fixored before ya know it. :nice:
    He might even remove all the **** spam you were sending out. :D

  9. Nooooo!!!!!
  10. Should be good to go now. Let me know if you have other issues. Thanks!
  11. Thank you Tim!

    Still wondering how that might have happened .....
  12. There is a bridge that connects all of our site modules. Somehow, the unique ID across all the user tables (member #) got overlapped--in your case with this other person.
  13. does this mean we all have alter ego's?

    Striped 5.0 + Redline_RR = Redline_351R :eek:
  14. Only for people who change names like underwear. :p
  15. I think Im done for awhile now, but I'll let you know if anything changes :D