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  1. Hey oink...

    Do you have some pics of ur engine bay before the tear down?? I remember it being very clean, no wires or anything.. Could you give me some tips on where you hid everything?? I started my winter tear down today.. Got the front bumper and too front corner panels off, i would like to move alot of stuff into them if possible.. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    BTW, kinda off the topic, but what are the things in the passenger quarter panel for? Theres alot of vac lines, and wires. Seems like some of it is for the smog maybe?
  2. sounds like your talking about the TAD/TAB solinoids, and vacuum lines running to them.. If your not running the smog pump, just delete or plug that shi* up.. I just pulled all of it, on mine. Hell, i hope the thing starts, becuase ive yanked everything emissions related, out.. Have the tweecer to turn them off, though.

    About the hiding the wires, harness... WHat i did to run the whole main front harness through, was cut an oval shapped( 3") hole just behind the fuse box, so i could slide the whole harness through this, and in the drivers side fender.. Routed the wires going to the pass side, under the frame rail, in front of the radiator, around to the other side.. I did not have to cut one wire, although it took some thinking to get every wire to reach.
    Basically, the main harness, that sits just ontop of your radiator, on mine, runs in front of the radiator, behind the bumper. The wires/harness are all zip tied up under the frame rails, or in the fenders..

    I also moved the CCRM, and Ignition module to the inner fender, to clean things up..

    Also removed the fuel injection harness and ripped the tubing off it, and replaced with thinner tubing. Some wires i removed the tubing all together and just electric taped them.. makes for thinner harness's and wire collections.

    Its hard for me to remember everyhting, and explain it all, but once you start tearing things down, and removing things, you will see how to route it, and hide wires.. its really simple. Remember... If it looks out of place, ugly, or stands out, removing it, hide it, or cover it! That is, unless its a blower, or turbo!

    Some pics in the next post..
  3. wow, ur the man.. Thank you so much for all that.. I have a really good idea of what i need to do now.. Thats awesome you didnt hafta cut into the wires, that would be time consuming and annoying..

    I also have no emmisions control junk, so i guess all the stuff in the fender is gonna get yanked...

    Thanks again for all the pics, its way more indepth then i ever expected. Thanks oink!
  4. another question for ya..

    How much of a PITA was it to paint ur engine bay?? I have a compressor that came with a paint gun, but ive never painted with it before, so im kinda nervous of my abilities but i like doing things myself..

    Anytips oink? :hail2: and was it ur first time painting with it?
  5. Oh painting the engine bay... Easy as heck..
    Go for it, you cant mess up.

    You got the gun, and compressor... hell you could have it looking as good as the outside, easly.

    Just pick up some supplies at your local paint supply shop. I just used some cheap base( becuase reds expensive as heck) and some PPG clear, and activator/hardner.. Might want to pick up a baggy of tack cloths, some laquer thinner, some rags, and some 400-600grit paper to scuff the stuff down..

    Make sure you get the engine bay clean and free of any grease or grime first.. very important! Spray the base.. since yours is yellow, your going to need a few good coats, to get the coverage... once youve hit everwhere with an even coat of yellow, then let that dry good for a few hours, then lay down some clear... Watch out cuase that shi* gets EVERWHERE.. so cover anything you dont want overspray on!

    Ive painted a few little things befor, but yea, you wont have any problems.. its much easier then spraying with spray bombs, and looks 10 times better..
  6. whats the difference in waiting or spraying it? when i was painting i would spray the base, and have the clear ready, dump it in the gun and goto town on the paint
  7. Yea i suppose theres no diference.. I just let it dry alittle, becuase i sprayed it on thick to get good coverage.. figured ide give it time to tact up atleast, before spraying it good with the clear..
  8. thanks oink, i think im gonna try it.. How much did u have out of the bay?? I think i remember u saying u left the short block in... You think it would be possible to do it with the heads still on?? I really dont wanna rip those off as well..
  9. Hey oink what the deal with your avatar??
  10. Hey oink..

    Here is the thing in the passenger side fender i was talking about...


    One of the lines runs to here...


    Then to the intake manifold..

    One of the other lines coming off the "box" goes into a "hard line" and goes under the car.. I didnt trace it yet, but i figured u would know what it is just from the pics..

    Sorry for all the questions...

    Thanks for ur help.
  11. ahah avatar is me!! actually thats my girl and I.. Probably werent aware, im in a wheelchair. Just poking fun of myself, ahah..

    The piece in the picture, i think its called the charcol canister.. The Canister purge valve hose runs to it.. you know that vent hose running from the tank to the front.. well that line goes into the charcol canister, then a line runs into the CPS..
    Now if you have a tweecer or EEC tuner, you can turn the CPS off, and be done with it.. pull everything. Not sure if it will effect anything if you remove it, and just let the tank vent to the atmosphere or even back to the intake.. Not sure what im going to do on mine, but i think il just let it vent to the atmoshere, and hopefully not have hellish fuel fumes around the car. Well see..
  12. that hardline your talking about goes to nothing.. its a vent hose... Im thinking you could just vent the tank vent, if the fumes get too bad, then run that tank vent to the intake... fuel fumes in the intake tract shouldnt mess with anything, right? Unless your runing a blower or turbo, then when in boost, it might presurize the fuel tank.. Shoot, maybe you could possibly put a one way check valve inline with the vent hose, then run it to the intake? Thinking outloud
  13. are you really in a wheel chair??
  14. yea bro, im really in a wheelchair
  15. sorry to hear man.
  16. heres me actually... when my poor car was basically stock, and ran 15.5's... ouch!!!


    Motocross accident... got too crazy in some whoops, and flipped forwards, and ate it real hard. Broke t4-t8 and had spinal cord damage a t7.. which leaves me with a tad bit of ab muscles and full upper body..
    Dont stop me from much though, since ive done 90% of the work to my car, by myself, so far.. ahah.. and i race it.
  17. ah, not too bad for someone in a wheelchair, with limited reach, huh? Ok enough about me..


  18. Oink, I think the Avatar is awsome :nice:

    You know i have been a long time viewer of stangnet now, and have not heard or should i say seen much about you being in a wheel chair, in fact once its gets brought up usually nothing more is said from anyone. Well i was just wondering, whats the deal is there a story behind it, where you born like that or what? and also when you bought your stang was it hard to convert it to cotrols from the stering wheel, the only reason i ask is because i have a cousin who is in a wheelchair and i would love so much if i could give her the oppertunity to drive because she just turned sixteen.

    Oink, i think its great you still work on your car, I think its very respectable, i dont mean to sound offensive with any of these questions, sorry if I do, just wondering. thanks in advance :hail2:

    Josh :nice:
  19. :D I wonder no more, thanks