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  1. Yeah not bad at all. You have one of the nicest stangs(and soon to be one of the fastest right) on this site. You are a great person to have on this site too. And it was actually your car that made me want to get a vert.
  2. Thanks for the info oink.. Im thinking maybe i should keep it, since i will be running boost very soon, its all in the fender already , except for that line to the intake and that little canister, so maybe ill just let it do its function..

    About the wheel chair- i remember hearing u were in one.. Man i give you alot of credit for all uve done to that car..
  3. oink - i have most the wireing done so far. Pretty much what is left is the harness that goes the fuel injectors etc. I ripped all the old sheething(sp?) off, and retaped it tight, so its much thinner. The end of it that goes to that big conector -how did you conect it up? It looks like (in the pic above) that you ran it across the firewall and into the fender, which seems to be the only option to me. Do you have a shot of that side of the fender, im just trying to get an idea of how you mounted that BIG conecter.

    thanks alot oink.
  4. look at pic#2... that big plug goes to the CCRM. The CCRM is the black box, in the pic.. I relocated it to the inner fender, just behind the fog light hole.. just beside the ABS module. Never had a problem with it there. I just stuck it there, becuase there was already a thread hole to bolt it to..

    You could easly mount it anywhere in the inner fender, as long as the plug reaches.
  5. oink -i actually meant the big plug that is stock in the back left of the engine bay. I cant tell in the pics of ur engine bay if u hid it in the fender or if its just behind that strut tower....

  6. you mean on the pass side or drivers? Drivers side has a couplke large plugs.. those are in the fenders, like stock..

    Pass side, has the large EFI harness, and another harness i think is transmission related.. The main EFI harness/plug is in the stock location. the other smaller harness/plug i ran under the frame rail, and up into the inner fender.
  7. maybe you can see in this pic... Its still there, just tucked up alittle, under that lip on the firewall

  8. Hey Oink, those headers still available? Never got any pics, just wondering. Thx
  9. This is one of the best post I have seen in a long time :nice:
    I wanted to know if you have to rip out the whole harness to be able hide the wires?
  10. you dont actually have to take it out, just pull it back more or less.

    Theres i think, 3 or 4 main parts, pretty simple settup, once you get into it, its easy to understand, and where the wires go makes sense.

    The only wires i have had to lengthen are the passenger side headlight, theres 3 wires for that conector, i needed another 5 inchs or so...
  11. What do you mean pull it back? Where would I begin hiding the wires?

    Step by step sounds good.

    Oink- was the front of your alternator painted black? I thought you had it chromed?
  12. How come I cant see the pictures after searching for this thread?
  13. does anyoen have the pictures?
    they are not posted any more, and I need a winter break project.
  14. snoozer, if you have aim, IM me under jgk6776 i can send them through that, otherwise i can email them to you
  15. Oh My Dear God! :hail2: :jaw: :crazy: :eek: :drool: :worship:
  16. How did you get the fuse box moved? I am trying to figure out how to "unplug" the wires from the fuse box. Not sure how you did it. Also, could you send me the pics? [email protected].

  17. Thats a sweet engine bay!!
  18. I need all those pictures, Does anyone have them. E-mail them to me at [email protected]

  19. Ya, anyway we can get those pics back up Oink?