Att'n Pacific Green owners

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  1. Not a PG owner but what a great site created and what great cars. Big Props to Fanatic for creating the site and telling the history behind the '97 Pacific Greens, awesome job!

    Keep the pics coming, great seeing all of the nice PG 97's.

  2. Hey Fanatic,
    Can I send you some updated pics and info on my car? :)

    At the 40th..... Recieved a nice plaque for top 5 in class!!!! :hail2: :nice:

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  3. Certainly! I need to get my updated pics on the site, also.
  4. OK! I have yet to update my car on the site, but meh. The big news is three new cars, TWO of which are convertibles!!! If you've got a PG Cobra, be sending in your info!

  5. Thanks once again!! chris
  6. My 1997 Pacific Green love.

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  7. hi i am new to the site and i have a p/g cobra convertible have a few things to fix but it is a nice car
  8. I too have a 97 pacific green convertible in absolute mint 100% stock condition. It has 50,000 original miles, original paint, and the build # is #1234! I thought that was kind of neat image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg